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Literature Review Topics

30 Awesome Literature Review Topics to Help You Compose an Outstanding Dissertation

Let me tell you a secret

If you conduct proper research regarding the literature review section of your dissertation or thesis BEFORE finalizing the topic, then the research process will become a lot easier for you. This article will definitely help you to make your literature review topics more reasonable.

Why, you’re asking?

That is because the literature review gives a summary of all the previous studies conducted on the topic and the methods, techniques and statistical tools applied to them. This gives the researcher not only a clear idea as to where the study is originating from but also give him an idea as to which techniques and tools he should apply to his study and what their outcome can be.

So, if you want to be sure if you are selecting the right topic for your final dissertation or thesis, then make sure that you conduct research for your literature review before finalizing your research theme.

But it’s not that easy to come up with literature review topics, right?

Don’t worry; below mentioned are a few literature review example topics that can help you kick start your research
  1. Eco-marketing as the new device of forming a company’s corporate image
  2. The environmental effect of a product’s packaging
  3. Commercial impact of globalization
  4. The role of pricing policy for the company’s marketing policy
  5. Barriers in international trade
  6. Effect of mobile commerce on a firm’s productivity
  7. The effect of advertisements on children
  8. Analysis of the marketing strategies and practices of a multi-national company
  9. The role and importance of business ethics in business life
  10. the importance of effective business communication in a company’s productivity
  11. Study of customer satisfaction using Markova interest rate model
  12. Analysis of consumer price index
  13. Study of teacher empowerment in small learning communities
  14. Teacher attitudes towards pay for performance incentives
  15. Effects of gender on family buying decision
  16. Effects of recession on consumer buying behavior
  17. Factors effecting positive and negative word of mouth in hotel industry
  18. The effect of brand image on consumer ‘s preference
  19. The effect of recession on advertisement industry
  20. Effects of recession on promotional activities of a company
  21. Attitude of people towards direct marketing
  22. Effects of product’s response through free sample trial/usage
  23. A comparative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of licensed software
  24. Consumer awareness and usage of e-banking transactions through mobile phones
  25. Impact of performance commitment on customer’s evaluation of product quality
  26. Effect of product innovativeness and trial ability on new product adoption
  27. Relationship between mobile phone advertising and the company’s corporate image
  28. A consumer decision making model in the automobile industry of Pakistan
  29. Factors behind brand switching in the fast moving consumer goods industry
  30. Consumer purchase behavior in out-of-stock situations at retail outlets

Try to search the internet and other source for information on the above mentioned topics and form a literature review so that you can get a clear idea for the direction of your thesis or dissertation. This article will definitely help you to make your literature review topic more effective and useful.

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