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35 Computer Science Dissertation Topics Ideas and examples

The field of computer science is evolving along with advancements in technology. If you have chosen it as your field, let us help you find the right computer science dissertation topics and research proposal topics in computer science. Here we have a list that can help in completing your undergrad and masters research courses. We also have a team of professional and credible writers that can help in conducting your research in computer science. Contact us for more details. We also have a list of dissertation topics on Education, History, Sociology, and other areas.

Here are the best computer science research topics for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the list of computer science research topics:

  • Ways to improve open web Architectures – a literature review
  • A review of the development of the tracking app on the phone and how it has benefited anti-theft procedures.
  • An analysis of the development of JAVA programs for the Applied financial system and its benefits for effective financial management.
  • Web use in the library and how it has contributed to knowledge management.
  • An analysis of the evolution of digital libraries and how technology is aiding in education management in the 21st
  • What is the role of IT in smart business management strategies?
  • An examination of the uses of computer systems in schools and colleges in developed countries.
  • To study the Integrating multimedia and the web into language planning and measuring the impact of applications on language use.
  • To explore the use of e-marketing services and how it has benefited the retail businesses.
  • The examination of the role of Online learnings for e-commerce business – a case analysis.
  • How to enhance human computing interaction by using artificial intelligence?
  • An evaluation of how to use an intelligent database to store the speed limits.
  • To observe individual activities on social media platforms and these have influenced their personalities.
  • To observe the use of websites by individuals on social media and how businesses are benefiting from it.
  • To study the Importance of computer science studies in daily life, take Generation Y and Z.
  • How is computer science making human life easier? A systematic literature review.
  • To examine the impact of cyberinfrastructure on the marketing objectives of a retail business
  • To study the easiest and tricky way to earn money on the web.
  • To find out strategies to enhance the information-seeking behavior and retrieval
  • To study the change of nature in the web environment conducting a review of the past 10 years.
  • What are the challenges faced by computer studies students in the US market?
  • An analysis of the scope of computer science studies for future generations.
  • To explore the best password management applications – a comparative study.
  • To study the implementation of dart matches analysis – a literature review.
  • What security issues and challenges do people usually have to deal with?
  • To evaluate the solutions related to cloud computing for e-commerce businesses.
  • To study the concept of fuzzy logic controller design for intelligent robots.
  • What is cryptography? A theoretical analysis of the concept and its role.
  • Impact of covid 19 on computer science and advancement of technology.
  • How is the world moving towards computer rather than physical interaction?
  • To analyze the process of data warehousing and data management.
  • To study the use of data warehousing in the financial sector – a case analysis.
  • To study the concept of the interconnection of various devices.
  • To study the use of IoT in the agriculture sector in the context of developing countries.
  • To study the use of Big data in computer science.

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You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
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