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36 Biology Research Topics for College students

Dissertations on biology have been our specialization. We have specialized writers for each field. From helping you choose biology dissertation topics and biology research proposal topics, we can help you in all. Check out this list and contact us if you want help in undergrad and masters research projects. You can also check out our list of adult nursing and chemistry topics.

Best Biology dissertation and research topics for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the best biology research topics list for college students.

  1. An in-depth qualitative investigation on how to protect the flora and fauna species from extinction
  2. What are the causes of the Bird flu? – A literature review
  3. To study the immunity level of the Covid-19 vaccination using secondary reports.
  4. How can we stop the spreading of Covid-19? Preventive measures and medical interventions.
  5. What are the Feminist biological thoughts on abortion? – a literature review.
  6. To study different types of Cloning using the case study approach.
  7. How do you explain the DNA modifications in humans? An investigative analysis.
  8. Do you think Human Cloning should be legal? An analysis of literature.
  9. To study organ transplantation and how it can save lives.
  10. Analysing the impact of Hormonal changes on the human body of a woman above 20 years.
  11. To study the impact of pregnancy on hormonal changes.
  12. To study the impact of Hormones on the mind and body.
  13. To study the relationship between immunity and stress.
  14. An analysis of the impact of hypothyroidism on the woman’s physical and mental health
  15. Why is society’s perspective on vaccinations denial?
  16. To study the experiment on Photosynthesis – a literature review
  17. To study the influence of fertilizers on plants and how it benefits their growth.
  18. What are the threats of Global warming on the environment in the long run?
  19. What strategies and practices can be developed to save wildlife?
  20. To study the relationship between renewable resources and environmental pollution.
  21. How do you explain the advantages of Organic Farming?
  22. What steps shout we take to protect marine life? – a case analysis
  23. How do we explain sustainability in Biology? – literature review
  24. What are the causes of Brain damage, and how can it be prevented?
  25. To study the causes of Migraines in both men and women.
  26. To study the History of Genetics considering the various theoretical concepts.
  27. To study the History of Gnome evolution in the light of literature.
  28. What are the modern scientific tool and technology in Biology?
  29. To study the people with a sleeping disorder and how it can be controlled without medication?
  30. How do you explain less sleep is the reason for most of the diseases?
  31. How do you explain different types of Phobias? – A comparative analysis.
  32. To study the advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology.
  33. Explain the evolution of Human beings in the light of different theories.
  34. How do you explain Ebola? A case study analysis.
  35. To study the process of abortion and its impact on the woman’s body.

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