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38 Marketing Dissertation Topics Best Ideas and Examples

The field of marketing is expanding with the development of dimensions as a result of technological advancements. Here is a list of dissertation topics on marketing that can help you in choosing one for your proposal and dissertation. We can also help you in finding research proposal topics and topics for undergrad and masters dissertations.

The focus of the marketing dissertation is on educational theories and practice to make learning experience and permit improvement of skills that could be applied to real-world problems. Your marketing research proposal topics should contribute something to the current writing in a given field. Your marketing title ought to be centered as opposed to being broad. Here we show an assortment of marketing dissertation topics to assist you with figuring your marketing thought.

Marketing Dissertation Topics and Research proposals Topics for undergraduate and masters students

Research Proposal Topics and Dissertation Topics on Marketing

  • To study the impact of social media campaigns on consumer attitude towards the brand
  • To evaluate the success of the Black Friday sale strategy to drive sales.
  • To what extent does influencer marketing facilitate the increase in sales.
  • A systematic literature review on factors influencing the buying decisions of Generation Z.
  • Impact of e-marketing on consumer decisions in the case of the luxury industry in the Middle East.
  • A comparison of traditional vs. digital marketing taking consumer’s perspectives.
  • Impact of technological disruption on marketing processes and activities.
  • How are search engines contributing to the success of e-commerce.
  • Impact of relationship marketing on the consumer memberships and loyalty.
  • The extent to which loyalty schemes influence customer satisfaction in the retail industry.
  • Does technology-driven customer engagement lead to better customer satisfaction?
  • How companies build brand equity through celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry?
  • Do customers respond differently to direct and digital marketing?
  • The extent to which belief, religion, and values have an impact on marketing in the world.
  • Impact of customer-centric marketing strategies in achieving sustainable growth.
  • How does the integration of the Internet of Things and automated services facilitate interactions to create optimal value?
  • The relationship between innovation, creativity, and strong brand image.
  • Examining the importance of social marketing for youngsters.
  • Implementation of game theory in successful branding.
  • The emerging role of social networking sites in redeveloping the brand image.
  • Is it necessary to use influencer marketing to achieve marketing goals?
  • The emerging concept of colour psychology and its impact on marketing
  • Key factors to achieve sustainability differentiation in the Zero-zero-zero world. The case of automobiles.
  • Role of culture in the relationship between consumer purchasing behaviour and celebrity endorsements.
  • An evaluation of consumer preference trends in purchasing plant-based meat among non-vegans.
  • How are brands using manipulation tactics in the attention of more customer segments?
  • Are Instagram influencers successfully influencing the buying decisions of buyers?
  • How direct marketing strategies are influenced by consumer needs?
  • Are all global brands incorporating standardisation strategies?
  • How does the local culture affect the marketing tactics of a food company?
  • Do loyalty cards contribute to boosting sales figures?
  • To what extent corporate social responsibility goals influence the strategic objectives of a corporation?
  • How are marketers taking advantage of search engine optimization to increase traffic on sites?
  • Does effective content shared on social media influence the behavior of consumers?
  • How can Snapchat help small businesses in growing?
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