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37 Criminology Dissertation Topics (Best Samples and Ideas)

The field of criminology is expanding with the development of dimensions as a result of technological advancements. Here is a list of dissertation topics on criminology that can help you choose one for your proposal and dissertation. We can also help you in finding criminology research proposal topics and topics for undergrad and masters dissertations. In addition, we have writers to help you complete dissertations on marketing, advertising, digital marketing, and branding. Contact us and get the best offers.

Best Criminology  dissertation Topics and research topics for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the list of best Criminology dissertation topics:

  • To explore the life of a police officer in the United States.
  • Studying the research methods in Criminology and how these are beneficial for improving the laws.
  • The increase in Criminology in the covid’19 period
  • Do you consider stalking a crime? A case analysis.
  • To explore the use of drugs in High school students in the UK.
  • To analyze the crimes in which the criminals run away.
  • What is the role of social media in increasing rates of crime?
  • To investigate the blackmailing crimes of a teenager.
  • What is the reason for the rising of youth gangs?
  • Do you think poverty is also the reason for the rising crimes?
  • To analyze the relationship between psychology and crimes.
  • What factors influence young adults to commit a crime?
  • Do you think bad parenting is the reason for young adult crimes?
  • To study the crimes on color discrimination.
  • The increasing crime of sexual assault with children in schools – a review of 10 cases in this context.
  • Do you feel safe sending children to school? – an analysis.
  • To study the bullying cases at school and how it has increased the chances of students growing up to commit crimes.
  • What is the punishment for revenge pornography according to international laws? A comparative analysis.
  • How does the media portray the lifestyle of prison? – The US media analysis.
  • Do you think mental health criminals should not get punished? – research analysis.
  • The role education can play in the life of people and how it leads to reducing the rate of crime in countries.
  • To study the relation between illiterate people and crimes – a case review.
  • To study the history of the death penalty – a literature review.
  • What is the meaning of an illegal act? – A literature review.
  • To explore cyberbullying crime in the light of the US law history.
  • How does cyberbullying lead to suicide? – A case review
  • Do you think prisoners should get the right to vote?
  • To study the life of prison – research analysis.
  • Do you rape victims can also become criminals?
  • What are the mental effects of domestic violence on mental health?
  • How can you explain the criminology of torturing the victim before committing the murder?
  • To explore the different cybercrimes in the UK market.
  • What are the sexual crime rates in America?
  • To study criminology in Asian countries and how the laws have evolved.
  • Do you kill someone in the name of religion is okay?

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