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39 Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Here we’ve got best research proposal topics and dissertation topics on digital marketing. You can use these for your undergrad and masters research projects. Moreover, we can help you in completing your dissertations on any of the selected digital marketing dissertation topics. You can check our website for more topics on other related fields, including marketing, sociology, business management, and business administration.

Best Digital Marketing Dissertation Topic and Research Topics for masters and undergraduate student

  1. Assessing the perspectives on setting the future of digital and social media marketing research.
  2. Evaluating the importance of customer satisfaction for a digital marketing agency.
  3. A case study analysis of Google Search Engine marketing – case example
  4. To explore the impact of Google double-click on new product launch.
  5. Examining the types of social media strategies for the online shopping cart.
  6. What are the skills that marketers need to develop for impressive digital marketing based on social media?
  7. A comparative analysis of traditional marketing and digital marketing
  8. Evaluating the role of Facebook Analytics for targeted marketing.
  9. To find out the preferences of customers on coupon-based promotional activities.
  10. To what extent does the discount coupons act as a digital marketing tool to drive sales and achieve customer loyalty
  11. A strategic comparison and evaluation of tools to analyse digital marketing competitors.
  12. An impact of visual keyword tools for search engine marketing.
  13. How has video marketing evolved in the past 5 years?
  14. How knowledge of good SEO strategy helps marketers in enhancing the brand site ranking.
  15. Is the pay per click advertising effective for brands?
  16. How can marketers improve visual search by managing digital content?
  17. What is the difference between content marketing and digital copywriting?
  18. An exploration of effective strategies for social media management and marketing
  19. Examining the critical role of email marketing in the context of digital marketing?
  20. How can marketers design effective emails to attract and influence potential customers?
  21. To what extent do social media stories influence the behaviour and perceptions of consumers?
  22. How can digital marketers take advantage of voice search command to meet customer needs?
  23. The role of social media in boosting sales for restaurants in 2021
  24. Is the e-commerce model less risky in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  25. Exploring the emerging concept of micro-moments in the online world of commerce
  26. How are marketers taking advantage of omnichannel tracking in the banking industry?
  27. Examining the growing use of browser push notifications in the marketing model.
  28. To find out how the marketers are taking advantage of augmented reading (AR) and immerse technologies?
  29. To study the digital commerce world focusing n the impact of disrupted technology of Industry 4.0.
  30. How does geofencing contribute to effective marketing communication?
  31. Exploring the role of user-generated content in building brand image and reputation.
  32. How are the progressive web apps being used by multinational brands?
  33. To find out the impact of advancing digital marketing trends on customer perceptions.
  34. To study the role of individual personalization through digital marketing tools to achieve customer loyalty.
  35. To examine the implementation of blockchain technology in the field of digital marketing.

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