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37 Supply chain management dissertation topics and Ideas

Supply chain management is an evolving field. The latest technology and the changes in the business environment have brought diversity and sustainability to the area. If you are looking for research proposal topics in supply chain management, we’ve got you. We have this great list of the latest supply chain management dissertation topics. You can use these for your undergrad and master’s programs. Similarly, if you want, we also have a list of marketing and human resource management topics. We can also help you in completing your research according to the standards and requirements.

Here you can find trending topics in supply chain management for masters and undergraduate students

  1. An analysis of COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of digitalization in supply chain management.
  2. How are organizations increasingly paying attention to sustainability while designing their supply chain processes?
  3. The importance of customisation of supply chain components and strategies to meet the expectations.
  4. What is the role of the Internet of Things in supply chain management and its diversity?
  5. To what extent has digitalization helped in overcoming challenges in the supply chain?
  6. Does the integration of technology and increased collaboration strengthen relationships in the supply chain?
  7. How can supply chain management deal with the increasing volatility in the unpredictable world?
  8. How has increased visibility and transparency facilitated managing the supply chain effectively?
  9. A literature review on the circular supply chains.
  10. What should be the Role of a Manufacturer Manager regarding the Manufacturing Process?
  11. How the manufacturing process is hampered by the market forces of demand and supply.
  12. Tips for purchasing raw material at low cost and make maximum profit out of it.
  13. How to compete with your competitors at the battle of quality in manufacturing.
  14. As a manufacturer, is it’s important to have an idea about the needs of target consumers?
  15. How to find out the type of product requires to be manufactured by the company.
  16. Is it safe to reduce the loss of un-purchased products by manufacturing in small quantities?
  17. How to show your professionalism as a supply chain manager in the organization.
  18. The way through which maximum profit could be earned in the manufacturing department of production companies.
  19. Significance of manufacturing goods based on region-wise consumer requirements.
  20. How can cloud-based software solutions benefit in the enhancement of supply chains?
  21. How does machine learning techniques facilitate the supply chain processes
  22. How to find cross-functional collaboration in the process of decision-making?
  23. What factors affect the implementation of an efficient supply chain management system?
  24. How can blockchain help in the successful completion of sustainable project management?
  25. Studying the importance of green supply chain management practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  26. What is the relationship between TQM practices and their impact on a firm’s performance?
  27. Studying the need for risk evaluation ineffective supply chain management.
  28. How does the implementation of e-logistics facilitate supply chain operations?
  29. Investigating the traditional and circular production economies and their impact on safe supply chain management practices in the chemical industry.
  30. What are the barriers to implementing green practices in the supply chains of manufacturing industries?
  31. Identfiying the factors affecting the outsourcing decisions in FMCG of the UK.
  32. An analysis of the role of artificial intelligence in the process of automation of supply chains.
  33. How are supply chains becoming more agile?
  34. How is big data analytics supporting supply chain logistics?
  35. A significant way to maintain the chain from manufacturer to wholesaler and then eventually to the consumer by retailer.

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