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37 Operations Management Dissertation Topics

Operations Management Dissertation Topics

Managing the operations of a company is the basic domain that comes under the umbrella of operations management. Research topic in operations management covers all those business practices that are linked with managing operations. This includes initial strategy, implementation, and final outcomes. Operations management is a very interesting field of academics and is gaining a lot of popularity these days on both national as well as international levels. Below is the best list for Operations Management Dissertation Topics check out our more related posts for oil & gas management, innovation management, and leadership management topics.

Best Operations Management Dissertation Topics for college students

Some interesting operations management dissertation topics have been presented below in the form of a list:

  • Investigating the conceptualization and contextualization of the public sector operations management.
  • Studying the relationship between operations management and business history for organizational setups.
  • Humanitarian operations management: a review of the literature.
  • Studying the relationship between collaboration and operations management: focus on food supply chains in X country.
  • Environmental management and operations management: focus on the implications.
  • Relationship between digital technologies and operations management: a systematic analysis.
  • The role played by operations management in the smart cities of X country.
  • Research in the domain of operations management: focus on ethical grounds.
  • Critical analysis of the relationship between operations management and the national culture of X country.
  • Operations management: focus on the challenges and opportunities of the field.
  • Studying the managerial dilemmas in the field of operations management: a review of empirical evidence.
  • How are the public sector policy and practice alignment influenced by operations management?
  • Studying the relationship between operations management and sales in companies of X country.
  • Association of digital technologies and co-creation and their impacts on operations management.
  • Operations management in a hospital set up in X country: a descriptive approach.
  • Correlational analysis of modeling and design in sustainable operations management: a qualitative analysis.
  • Relationship between decision-making and operations management: a systematic analysis.
  • Production management and operations management: a correlational study.
  • Teaching operations management at higher education levels: focus on challenges and interventions.
  • Electronics sector of X country and operations management: an inquiry.
  • Operations management information systems: where developed countries stand?
  • Correlational analysis of operations management, logistics, and purchasing: focus on X country.
  • The role played by analysis and strategy in the domain of operations management.
  • Investigating the practices used in operations management for X country’s organizations: an inquiry
  • Focusing on a case study approach towards operations management.
  • Studying the implications of augmented reality in the domain of operations management.
  • The role played by operations management in small businesses: focus on X country.
  • Historical analysis of operations management on international levels.
  • Intelligent manufacturing and operations management: a descriptive analysis.
  • The role played by operations management in the domain of goods and services.
  • Meta-analysis of operations management literature.
  • Achievement of strategic fit and operations management.
  • How do multinationals in X country focus and use operations management in their approaches?
  • Ergonomics and operations management performance: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Customer-centric operations management: a systematic analysis.

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