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38 Consumer Behaviour Dissertation Topics ( Ideas & Samples)

Consumer behaviour has always caught the attention of researchers. If you’re planning to research the same area, we have a list of research proposal topics and dissertation topics on consumer behaviour to help you in undergrad and master’s research projects. You can choose any topic, and we can prepare your dissertation according to your university requirements. We can also help with marketing, business management, digital marketing, psychology, and others. Contact our representatives for more details.

Best consumer behaviour dissertation topics or research topics for masters and undergraduate students

Here are the list of best research topics in consumer behaviour:

  1. How do the emerging trends influence consumer behaviour and their decisions?
  2. What are the basic principles of consumer behavior? – A literature review.
  3. How to satisfy the needs of consumers in the construction industry?
  4. Can a business run without satisfying the needs of the consumer? – a systematic literature review.
  5. Why is consumer feedback very important for the new startups – a case analysis.
  6. What is your opinion on the famous saying ‘customers are always right? – a survey analysis.
  7. To study the barriers between consumer and seller? – a literature review.
  8. Studying the effects of Digital Marketing on Generation Z consumers in the food industry.
  9. How do geographical barriers change the needs of customers?
  10. How to build strong online branding? A systematic analysis of literature and theoretical concepts.
  11. Evaluating the impact of product design on the consumer – packaging theories and models.
  12. To study the effect of brand image on the consumer in the airline industry.
  13. To study the effect of brand pricing on customers related to food products.
  14. To analyze the consumer behaviors on different branding strategies adopted by the smartphone industry.
  15. Conducting an online survey to know the needs of consumers in the fashion industry.
  16. To make a data of consumer which help in the development of financial products.
  17. How are the needs of people changing with their way of living in the rural areas of developing countries? A case analysis.
  18. How do you think the consumer behavior field came into existence? A literature review.
  19. To study the mechanism of analysis on consumer behavior.
  20. Research on rich and poor customer needs – a comparative analysis for the food businesses.
  21. What are the challenges faced by the customer in product buying?
  22. To study the role of customers in supply chain management – a systematic analysis of the food supply chain.
  23. To study the Business to Business relationship to meet the needs of customers.
  24. The analysis of effects of a Good online website on Consumer purchasing behaviour in the long run.
  25. Studying the impact of cost transparency and its effects on consumer behavior – literature review analysis.
  26. To study the impact of sales in malls on consumer behavior.
  27. To explore the difference in man and women’s behaviors in online advertisements.
  28. Why does a consumer become loyal to brands? – an analysis of the factors influencing brand loyalty.
  29. What type of consumer considers quality above all? A survey analysis.
  30. A survey on food courts in malls related to consumer behavior and how they perceive the food options
  31. To study the child consumer preferences related to fast food products
  32. To study the role of emotions in consumer behavior.
  33. What are the possibilities of buying a product?
  34. To study the Ethnographic factors on consumer behavior.
  35. What are the current trends in the market to satisfy consumer needs?

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