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35 Business management dissertation Topics Examples

The field of business management is expanding with the development of dimensions as a result of technological advancements. Here is a list of dissertation topics on Business management that can help you choose one for your proposal and dissertation. We can also help you in finding research proposal topics and topics for undergrad and masters dissertations. Additionally, we have writers to help you complete dissertations on marketing, advertising, digital marketing, and branding. Contact us and get the best offers.

Best Business management Dissertation Topics for masters and undergraduate students.

Here is the list of Business management research topics list:

  1. Impact of COVID’19 on Business management strategies and approaches in the mobile market.
  2. To develop the key management skills for Business management in the 21st
  3. The effects of multiple managers in Business administration in the case of Samsung.
  4. A Manager should always come up with new and strategic thinking – A literature review.
  5. A manager should always have problem-solving skills – A literature review.
  6. A manager should have the leadership quality – a systematic review
  7. What strategies motivate employees to work on time? A brief analysis of literature.
  8. Job opportunities for Business management students considering the labour pool in 2021.
  9. To become a manager, a person should have time management skills – A literature review.
  10. To analyze the future of Business management students considering the job market of the United States.
  11. An analysis of strategies to keep employees stress-free and its impact on employee behaviour.
  12. Analysis of the management of the family-owned business and how it differs from other businesses.
  13. Business management and strategies attract the foreign investors – A literature analysis.
  14. Role of Business Management in organization success taking the case of Apple.
  15. To study Globalization and its impact on Business Management, taking the case of Mcdonald’s.
  16. To analyze the concept of remote workers and its impact on the Management tactics and strategies during the pandemic.
  17. A strategy for creating multicultural managers and how this helps businesses in growing in the 21st
  18. How to manage the problem that occurs in the business? A review of conflict management strategies.
  19. To learn the intricacies of managing the conflicts in the teamwork – A systematic literature review.
  20. What is short-term management, and how does it affect the firms in the long run.
  21. To assess the procedure for foreign management and central management on food businesses.
  22. To study the strategy of Walmart managers to inspire their employees – A case analysis.
  23. To study the impact of incentives on employees’ work in the case of the fashion industry.
  24. Studying the effects of Short-term management and its risk in the oil and gas industry of Saudi Arabia.
  25. To analyze the role of budget management and how it influences the financial capabilities of the business.
  26. Evaluating active time management as a tool of organization survivor and how it benefits in the long run.
  27. To analyze the pros and cons of a new business start-up in the UK fast food market.
  28. To analyze the challenges faced by small, medium, and large-scale businesses in the Chinese market.
  29. To study the strategy of cooperating sustainability in the case of the fashion industry.
  30. To study the role of women in Business management in Arab countries.
  31. To analyze the consequences of excessive work in business and how it affects the performance of the employees.
  32. What is the reason behind Business failure? A literature review.
  33. To explain the current trends and development in the automobile industry of Japan.
  34. What are the differences between Business Management in International Businesses and local businesses taking the case of FMCG?
  35. What are the management approaches of diverse cultural places, and how it influences employees’ behaviour?

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