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Short Dissertation

What Could Be the Best Possible Short Dissertation Structure Covering Every Corner of the Subject in 10 pages?

Whenever a student starts a dissertation the very first question came into his mind is the short method that he can complete his dissertation that also covers all parts of his dissertation as well.

  1. Are you in a search since morning to find out what makes a short dissertation, short?
  2. How to squeeze a 10,000 in 5000 words short dissertation?
  3. What is the difference between a long and short dissertation proposal and an abstract?
  4. Is there any significant difference between long and short dissertation structure, as such?

A normal person like you would go through the same feeling if suddenly he is assigned to write a dissertation that is SHORT not in information but in the word count. It has been commonly observed, people are more into cutting the information of supposedly written 10,000 words dissertation into a 5000 words short thesis, resulting in a project that looks totally senseless.

To cut off the information is not the only solution, for this, a person can either learn the art of summing up a dissertation or else, he can determine the priority of information and use it accordingly. I have compiled a list of essentials that would be appropriate to use in your short dissertation.

A quick look at the essentials of a short dissertation

Without the following information, a dissertation whether short or long is incomplete. It is better to contain the following sections of the dissertation completely and make use of the information you were thinking to cut off because of the short word count of the dissertation.

  1. Title page (where all information about a paper, student, university, and supervisor is presented)
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. Body (discussion, research, findings)
  6. Conclusion
  7. Reference list (note that different styles require the different names of this page)

What short dissertation shouldn’t have? Optional

The following sections are usually the part of long dissertations but to make it short, one can eliminate them from the project and easily use a whole lot of information or data in his dissertation project. By mentioning the word, “Optional”, we mean that you can add them if you want to depend on the need and demands of the dissertation subject.

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Literature review (in case, research may be conducted on personal experience)
  3. Limitations (in case, a topic does not need some further investigations)

As you know, there are so many dissertation subjects out there; it is for sure that there is no standard rule for writing a dissertation for every subject has its own particular demand. Thereby, one has to decide on his own how to use the data and information effectively in the project.

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