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Social Work

SOCIAL WORK = Improve the Lives of People and Societies! SOCIAL WORK DISSERTATION = Destroy the Lives of Helpless Students?

By: Dominic Corey

NOT ANY MORE! Great SOCIAL WORK DISSERTATION TOPICS that are bound to impress your dissertation advisor!

  • Is your social work dissertation giving you a hard time?
  • Are you having sleepless nights trying to search for your social work dissertation topics?

If so your search is finally over. This article has all the information you need about social work dissertation. SO without further a due let’s start with the basics.

First of all you need to know what social work is. Social work is professional commitment to seek social justice and improve the standard of the living for the poor and needy. Now days there are many social work organizations that operate all around the world. There are three types of social workers those who work directly for the state (usually as a part of the child welfare system – adoptions, foster care, etc.). The second are those that work for private non-profits that are licensed by the state. The third are those that work for international organizations such as adoption agencies.

Social work research addresses psychosocial problems, preventive interventions, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and community, organizational, policy and administrative issues.

Social work bases its methodology on a methodical body of evidence-based knowledge consequent from research and practice evaluation, as well as general and indigenous knowledge specific to its context. It recognizes the difficulty of relations between human beings and their environment, and the capacity of people both to be affected by and to alter the multiple influences upon them including bio-psychosocial factors. The social work profession draws on theories of human development and behavior and social systems to analyze complex situations and to facilitate individual, organizational, social and cultural changes.

In your dissertation you need to elaborate as to what type of social work organization you are going to target and what social work research you are about to undertake.

Some great topics for your social work dissertation are as follows

  • How International Association of Schools of Social Work can further reach out to third world countries in dire need.
  • Anti-Racism drive. How social worker organizations can eradicate racism from this society?
  • Management system to increase the distribution of food in Somalia.
  • Gaza: A lost cause for social working organization?
  • What can be done in setting up a women support shelter in Afghanistan?
  • How social workers can increase the level of education in rural Pakistan?
  • Psychological problems of homeless children: How can they be addressed?

These topics are there to give you your own ideas. Use them if you find them to your fancy or re-structure them according to your own preferences.

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