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Quantitative Research Question

How to Craft a Quantitative Research Question Easily and Effectively?

No doubt that the scariest of all research types is the quantitative research.

Here, not only do you have to determine a relationship between two or more variables but that relationship should also be supported by statistical data drowning you in a sea of numbers and making your thesis or dissertation writing process a pain in the neck.

So don’t you wish there was an easy way to compose a research question for this kind of research which would make the rest of your study easy?

There is. We’ll tell you how to formulate the research question of qualitative research easily so that you will be able to compose the rest of your report effortlessly.

But to start off, what is a quantitative research question?

To put it simply, quantitative research question tries to determine the relationship between two or more variables through mathematical or statistical data. They are formal and specific goals of study that are formed in the structure of a question which clearly state what the investigation of the report will attempt to prove. There are basically three types:

  1. Descriptive questions:
    It tries to determine the extent of or degree of relationship between two or more variables. Their questions often start with ‘how much’, ‘how often’ or ‘what changes have occurred during time?’

How to write a descriptive research question:

    • What is the impact of (variable 1) on (variable 2)? Example: What is the relationship between the time students spend on their studies and the grades they get?
  1. Predictive questions:
    This is also known as relationship-based questions as they try to determine the impact that one variable’s outcome.

How to write a predictive research question:

    • Does (variable 1) predict the number of (outcome variable)? Example: Does number of bullying experiences predict the number of students who drop out of school?
  1. Casual questions:
    These are also known as comparative questions. They try to compare phenomenon of two or more different variables and then make changes to those variables and determine its impact on the outcome of the study.

How to write a casual research question:

    • Does (increase or decrease in variable 1) have an impact on the (outcome variable)? Example: Does change in students’ assignments have an impact on their performance in tests?

Few example of question:

  • What is the relationship between the hours a student spending studying and the grades he gets?
  • What is the relationship between age of an employee and the numbers of years that he has spent in an organization?

While composing your research question, make sure that you can effectively answer these four questions with a ‘yes’:

  • Is your research question answerable and encourage argument?
  • Is your research question a narrower scope of the theme of the research?
  • Is your research question written in clear, concise and easily understandable manner?
  • Does each research question contain at least two variables?

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