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Marketing Dissertation Topics & Ideas with Examples for Marketing Students

The main focus of a marketing dissertation is on instructive hypotheses and practice to make a learning experience and permit the improvement of abilities that could be applied to real-world issues. Your marketing dissertation should be able to contribute something to the new literature in a given field. Your dissertation title should be centered instead of expansive. This will help in setting bright, compact, and sensible research objectives, goals, and questions. To help you in setting up a marketing dissertation, we help you in the most critical part: theme choice. Here we show an assortment of marketing dissertation thoughts to assist you with planning your point thought. You can refer to these marketing dissertation subject proposals alongside significant references for motivation.

Marketing Dissertation Topic 1:

Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing Company: A Case Study on "Amazon"


The report manages brand Loyalty and consumer loyalty on internet shopping in Amazon. Right now, it clarifies the points and goals of the story. Additionally, discuss the speculation technique for consumer loyalty. There are a few positives and negatives effects of social locales on the web-based buying conduct of clients.


Kondasani, R., furthermore, Panda, R. (2015), the client saw administration quality, fulfillment, and faithfulness in Indian private human services. Worldwide J Health Care QA, 28(5), pp.452-467 Lonial, S. furthermore, Raju, P. (2015), the effect of administration characteristics on consumer loyalty and devotion in a human services setting. Initiative in Health Services, 28(2)

Marketing Dissertation Topic 2:

Client Role in Relationship Marketing In Acquisition and Retention of Customers – A Case Study of "TESCO


The issues under the report were a question of the client's jobs in relationship advertising in the procurement and maintenance of clients. The story manages TESCO, which had significantly had a top-notch association with its clients.


Ahmed, A. (2010) Client Relationship Management through Communication Strategy. Akroush, M. what's more, ELSamen, A. (2012) an experimental examination of the interceding job of relationship promoting aptitudes on the connection between consumer loyalties? International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 7(1), p.1

Marketing Dissertation Topic 3:

Brands Influencing Consumers Buying Behaviors – A Case Study on Nike


The motivation behind this investigation is to give upgraded data of buyer purchasing behavior towards purchasing the game's shoes. The purpose of the examination may be explained to constrain the beginning periods to buy sports shoes.


Chronis, A. (2015) Validating Byzantium: The job of ancient rarities in the co-development of narratives’. Buyer Behav 14(3) pp.180-192 Fitchett, J. what's more, Caruana, R. (2014). Exploring the job of talk in promoting and buyer research.J. Shopper Behav 14(1) pp.1-12

Marketing Dissertation Topic 4:

Client Relationship Management in Banking Industry of UK


As referenced by Aghaei Et al. (2013), in the development of the banking industry client relationship has gotten one of the central points. That is, in the current time, the banking industry is concentrating on their client relationship.


Aghaei, A., Mostafapour, M., furthermore, Rezaei, H. (2013). Investigating the connection between administration quality and client unwaveringness: A contextual investigation of banking industry.10.5267/j. Msl, 3(7), pp.2147-2154. Annabella, P. what's more, Awunyo-Vitor, D. (2013). Client Relationship Management: A Key to Organizational Survival and Customer Loyalty in Ghana's Banking Industry. IJMS, 5(1)

Marketing Dissertation Topic 5:

Marketing Strategies of a Remote Car Manufacturer in International Market

Background of the Study

There is a massive demand for foreign vehicles in the global market. Therefore, the remote vehicle manufacturing organizations are emphatically thinking after upgrading their creation and supply for fulfilling such a gigantic need. The critical point is to use the massive interest in expanding the two deals and income in the universal market. There are many driving remote vehicle producers working their business effectively in the worldwide market. Numerous potential makers are there too that have effectively propelled their business in the household advertise and are presently attempting to go into the international market.

Reference List

Benoot, W. furthermore, Proost, S. (2015) Key Incentives for a Policy Mix in the International Car Market. SSRN Journal Choi, Y. (2010). Toward Developing Marketing Strategies in Turbulent Environmental issues

Marketing Dissertation Topic 6:

Promotions over Cell Phone Networks – Is It a Successful Strategy

Background of the Study

Mobile or cell phone promotion can be described as displaying and publicizing practices that pass on notification to phones using a remote framework and portable broadcasting answers for advanced products and organizations and producer brand care (Li and Lee, 2006). Portable promoting holds strong assurances to transform into the best centered around publicizing medium passing on a new technique for coming to customers with the message other than standard channels. M-promoting outfits clients with tweaked information considering their zone, time, and side interest. Always 2008, portable publicizing business is depended upon to create from $16 billion to $17 billion and $ 23 Billion by 2009. There has been a quick advancement of m-promoting, especially in Asia and Europe (LASZLO, 2009).


Berney, P (2010) Versatile promoting London: Kogan Page. Bosik, D. (2011). Versatile promoting and publicizing 2012: Mind Commerce Publishing, LLC.

Marketing Dissertation Topic 7:

Is social network more persuasive than traditional word of mouth?

Background of study

For client conduct, a champion among the most recognized thoughts is WOM or Word-or-mouth correspondence, which expects a fundamental part in framing clients' attitudes and practices. In this way, customers procure information about things, brands, or organizations from alluded to individuals, for instance, allies, friends, family members, or associates who, much of the time, apply sway on their purchase decision making. This is also obviously recognizable in advancing and publicizing composing. It is shown that WoM is an able drive within the client business focus, and past assessment supports the case that WoM is more enticing on lead than all additionally controlled sources, for instance, prints or other publicizing arrangements.


Ellonen, H. what's more, Kosonen, M. (2010). Treat your clients as equivalents! Cultivating joint client effort through internet-based life Global Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing Goyette, I., Ricard, L., Bergeron, J. what's more, Marticotte, F. (2010).e-WOM Scale: informal estimation scale for the e-administrations setting. CAN J ADM SCI, 27(1), pp.5-23

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