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Dissertation Timetable

Dissertation Timetable – Why Is It Necessary To Prepare A Schedule For Yourself?

If you think that you can just start working a week before submission and come up with an incredible dissertation, then you are wrong!

If other websites are claiming that they can help you complete your dissertation from start to finish in three to four days, then they are trying to fool you.

Your thesis or dissertation is one of the most important reports that you will ever compile in your entire college life. In most cases, the degree depends on your thesis submission which is why this research report deserves your time and proper attention.

Composing a dissertation is a demanding and grueling task. But usually, months are given as a submission deadline.

Because of the long period, students tend to get lazy and keep the research work until the last possible moment and that is where they get into trouble. You need to start work from the very beginning if you want to get an outstanding grade on your thesis.

For that, it is important that you make a schedule for yourself from the start and follow it religiously.

Below mentioned are a few of the factors you need to keep in mind while making your dissertation timetable.

  • Keep the slot of your thesis work between 30 minutes and two hours as the brain normally starts to slow down after two hours. Usually, 1.5 hours are recommended with a minimum of four such sittings per week.
  • Analyze your entire day and try to find a time slot that you would otherwise waste in unproductive stuff. Allocate that to your research time. You don’t need to disturb the time when you are working out or socializing as you need those things too to relax. Also, keep in mind the time when you are most productive. Can you study better in the morning or at night? Take that into consideration too.
  • Allocate a special drawer or cabinet where you will keep all your thesis material. This will make the entire research process organized and managed.
  • Map out your schedule months in advance, not just weeks. This will make your work consistent and give you a target to achieve.
  • Be practical in drawing the dissertation timeline; don’t be too optimistic.

Dissertation Timetable Example

1 Reading and browsing for the research theme Use the internet and your local library until you come up with an appropriate research theme
2 Finalizing the topic Finalize the theme and get it checked by the supervisor
3 Developing the research aim, objective, and hypothesis Develop the aim, objective, and hypothesis keeping in mind the
4 Composing the Literature Review Research about the past studies conducted on this theme and their results
5 Developing the dissertation plan Decide on the data collection and analysis method
6 Design questionnaire and other data collection components Designing the questionnaire and deciding upon the sample size and areas where research will be conducted.
7 Collection of data
8 Collection of data
9 Analysis and interpretation of the data Data will be compiled in statistical software and analyzed for results
10 Drawing conclusion Findings will be interpreted in an unbiased manner and objectively
11 Compilation of the report Structure and compose a report
12 Compilation of the report Structure and compose a report
13 Gathering proper references and bibliography that was used in the research References and bibliography will be included at the end of the report
14 Composing the research abstract Compose research abstract which will be included after the title page
15 Reviewing and rechecking the report Review and recheck for grammar
16 Submit dissertation for evaluation

Keep these tips and dissertation timetable in mind while working on your thesis and you will surely earn an outstanding grade. Find out more on the dissertation timetable and start your dissertation with a proper schedule.

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