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39 Dementia dissertation topics in nursing

Are you looking for research proposal topics on dementia nurses? We’ve got this range of dissertation topics on nursing and dementia nurses. The list is prepared after thorough research on the emerging trends and the approaches that have influenced dementia nurses and the field of healthcare. These topics can aid you in covering up your undergrad and master’s degree in the field of critical care nursing, autism, and adult nursing.

Best dissertation topics in dementia or research topics in dementia for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the list of Dementia dissertation topics in nursing:

  1. An in-depth comparison between dementia in both men and women – a case analysis
  2. An analysis of the approaches recommended by professionals to deal with Dementia patients.
  3. Study on elderly patients who have dementia and how they react to certain and uncertain situations.
  4. Is there a certain diet plan for dementia patients? Can this help everyone with dementia?
  5. To study the consequences of Dementia -a literature review
  6. Consequences and prognosis of dementia – a critical review of literature
  7. What communicative strategies are used by nurses to deal with Dementia patients?
  8. To study the strategies in different countries to deal with dementia patients.
  9. What tools are needed to deal with Dementia patients?
  10. To study dementia and other Mental disorders and how it affects people of different demographics.
  11. Can nurses improve the lives of people who have dementia?
  12. Case study on different dementia patients – A US analysis.
  13. Do nurses play the role of decision-making with dementia patients?
  14. Literature review on medical theories and concepts related to dementia.
  15. To study the advanced Dementia patients – a comparative analysis of cases
  16. To study the nursing care programs on advanced dementia patients.
  17. To study the psychological outcomes of Dementia patients.
  18. Is modern technology good for Dementia caregivers? Case examples.
  19. Study on doll therapy treatment and how it has evolved and benefited in the field of medicine.
  20. Is there an understanding between Dementia caregivers and Dementia patients?
  21. What are the Global trends on dementia? – review of cases in different countries.
  22. Study on Dementia by UK ethnic minorities and how it has affected the people.
  23. Study on dementia patients getting care at home and how it has helped in controlling the effects.
  24. Study on dementia in different countries – a comparative analysis.
  25. What are neuropathological findings and staging in dementia?
  26. Do dementia caregivers suffer from stress? – A survey analysis.
  27. Study on non-pharmacological interventions for aggression and stress in people with dementia.
  28. What is the process of pain management for Dementia patients?
  29. Dementia nurses training program in the UK and how it has helped improve the care for dementia patients.
  30. Directions for Dementia patients – how they can live a normal life.
  31. To provide palliative care with Dementia patients at home.
  32. What are the steps to follow in the early stages of dementia?
  33. Study on the early stage of dementia – a literature review.
  34. Study on behavior changes in Dementia patients.
  35. Study to understand the patient’s quality of life with dementia.

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