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How to Write Year 10 Coursework for English?

Year 10 English Coursework

Students in the tenth year of compulsory education are mostly assigned coursework regarding the subjects of English and Mathematics.

Mathematics demand logic; therefore, students should possess the ability to provide logical reasoning against mathematical concepts if they want their year 10 coursework on Mathematics to stand out. English literature demands critical evaluation, thus, critical thinking is the key for writing year 10 English coursework.

Although, Mathematics coursework follows logic and English coursework follow critical evaluation but the format of coursework writing for both remains the same whether it is an essay or a report. Therefore, in order to guide students in their year 10 coursework writing, here are the guidelines for students:

What may be given to you as a coursework?

Students may be given a creative piece of writing to explore the theme of any short story or any informative, descriptive or exploratory essay regarding the famous plays and novels.


If students have to entertain the reader through their coursework; then, they have to incorporate the element of humor in their coursework writing and their thesis should reflect that element of humor. If students have to write an informative, descriptive or exploratory essay; then, attention grabber of their introduction should be very strong in order to grab the attention of readers.

Body Paragraphs

Each and every body paragraph should reflect the thesis statement regarding the topic of coursework with separate arguments along with a topic sentence and evident example that prove the standpoint of students.


In conclusion, students should restate their thesis statement and summarize the main point of their coursework in a few sentences and conclude their year 10 English coursework with a clincher.

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