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Writing Research Question

How to Write a Research Question in 29 Minutes Only?

Is your thesis or dissertation due soon and you haven’t even composed your research statement yet?

That must be giving you sleepless nights and stress, right?

You’re lucky we know how to ease your anxiety.

Writing research question was never this easy!

How to write a research question in 29 minutes?

  • Select the topic:
    The selection of the theme for research is not as easy as it sounds. You need to come up with a theme of research that is interesting for you to work on and is related to the field of your study. Here is another list of questions that you need to consider while choosing your research theme.

    • Is your topic researchable?
    • Can you gather relevant data for your study easily?
    • Are you capable enough to work on this topic?
    • Will this study make a long term impact on the target audience?
    • Will the study be interesting for the audience?

After you have assured yourself that you can confidently all the above mentioned question with a ‘yes’, then you can also approach your friends or other professionals related to your field of study and have their feedback so that you may have better insight on the project you’re about to get into.

  1. Compose the aim of your research:
    Here, you will answer what the basic aim of your study is. An aim is a general statement composed in a broad form that tries to explain what the overall objective of the research is. Make sure that your aim is not more than 2 to 3 lines.
  2. Identify the variables that are going to be studied: For a relevant research, it is very important that there should be at least two or more variables that are compared for study. Through the measurement of these variables, we reach a conclusion for the study and give our recommendations. The structure of the research problem and research question also depends on these variables. For a good research you need to identify variables that will be used to conduct the analysis. This data for measurement of the variables must be easily available for research.
  3. Compose the research problem:
    Where the aim is a general statement, a research problem is a specific objective of the outcome of the study. You can compose the research problem by answering the 5Ws of the problem. What, where, why, who, where? By answering these five points you can easily compose a research problem that is effective and valuable.
  4. Now turn your research problem into the research question:
    Formulate that research problem into a research question. Here there are two factors that should be considered. One is that your research question should consist of at least two variables and the other is that your research question should start with a ‘what’ or ‘how does’ so that the question properly reflects the need for research.


Bad research question:

Is there an impact of social media tools on student’s grades?

Good research question:

What is the impact of social media tools on student’s grades?

  1. Evaluate the research question

A good research question should fulfill the following criteria:

    • It should be a reflection of the theme of research
    • It should have at least two or more variables that are compared together
    • It should be composed in a way that is clear and concise without use of any subjective words, jargons or abbreviations.

This is a way that you can come to know how to write a research question and you can also make changes in your research question so that it properly reflects the above mentioned criteria. Hence, this is how you can create a good research question in 29 minutes.

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