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Word Dissertation

Set Of Tools, Features and Techniques of Microsoft Word To Work on Your Dissertation Better Than Before

Do you know the 75% of your grades are highly dependent on the way your dissertation is presented and formatted?

Microsoft word is the best software available today to write dissertation and internet has become a sort of data collection source but things don’t go well when they both are not properly utilized. Due to lack of knowledge and hatred to read articles on using Microsoft word artfully, students often opt for

Microsoft word dissertation templates

that have no credibility of its own.

There are many tools that are still hidden from common Microsoft word users that are going to be unveiled here to help you write a polished word dissertation. This set of tool will help you properly format your dissertation.

Design your plan

Opt for anyone of the option:
Either break-down your dissertation into separate chapters and deals them accordingly.


Do it on one single big document
The first option would be of much help to you for it will provide a much easier navigation and you won’t find yourself overburdened.

Devise organized folder structure

In order to keep track of every reference, charts, images, reports and other documents during the dissertation writing process. That way you will never be confused, moreover, make a template so that writing becomes your priority. You can do this:

  • Go for a black document:
  • Configure all your settings for margins, fonts, line spacing etc. in it

Formatting style

In just a single click, you can format the whole document in one single style. You can set your text in paragraph style or in a list form.

Table of contents

Generating table of contents manually can cost a huge amount of time for you. The first thing is to choose style followed by appropriate headline selection depending on how many heads and sub-heads are there.


Click on the reference tab
Select table of contents
If you want to go for a pre-defined style, go for it or else you can also go for customized setting.

Generate citations automatically

It’s always annoying to write references. What you can do with word is, write few details about your documents like author, publication date etc. Then order word to insert bibliography wherever your cursor clicks. Check for yourself.


  • Set margin lines according to what is instructed in your dissertation guideline
  • If you have to use cross-references, in case, then at then at the end, select all and do update field and page numbers. All of your cross references will get update automatically.
  • When checking word dissertation count, you may not find the exact number of words for MS Word also includes spaces while counting the number of words.

Hopefully, guideline to write your dissertation perfectly in MS word while making a good use of its various features will help you complete your dissertation prior to the submission deadline.

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