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Why Students Plagiarise

What is Plagiarism and Why Students Require to Plagiarize Their Assigned Dissertation?

By: Dominic Corey

If you are a student reading this piece, you will have some inkling of why students tend to copyothers works, or you may even have an idea how it is done, keeping in mind some of the assignments or a custom paper at college. With easy availability of every book, encyclopedia and other informational recourse, the most frequently talked about thing we hear about these days is the concept of copying the work that has already been publish and the way original content is being copied by students to suit their own needs. The students are accused of plagiarism due to their need for custom paper. However, what we need to concentrate here is why students require to take such steps and what are the factors which make them turn to copying the work,to write their own custom paper.

Being a student, you may yourself now realize the factors which provoke you into such an act. Nonetheless, here we have brought together some of the reasons which have been studied thoroughly and in detail to determine the reasons, which will explain as to why students get engaged in such an act. Let us start with the basic things and first understand what its concept is and how we comprehend such work, while writing custom papers.

Definition and Consequences of Plagiarism

What Is Plagiarism?

It is not an easy task to define such a work in academic terms, as it consists of a wide variety of actions which range from not mentioning the right sources or citations to wholly stealing someone else’s work while labeling it as your own. One important thing to be mentioned here is that it can be intended as well as unintended. A student may copy the work from some source thinking that it is alright as long as it is being properly used, or a student may take the whole piece from a source thinking that it does not matter and who will check the work for such an act of writing due to lack of time. In most of the cases, it has been observed that students use this techniques,as they think that they will never be caught or discovered.

Reasons Why Students Are not able to Construct their own Dissertations

Lacking Resources to Research

Many students do not know how to search properly for the required information. They do not know how to use the encyclopedia, search the library or use other informative resources. This causes frustration and in the end with the deadline fast approaching for submitting their custom paper to the college, they go for copying from other resources available on webpages.

Inability to Evaluate Information

A large number of students are unaware of the correct way to critically evaluate any piece of information whether it is an Internet resource or any book. This greatly hampers a student’s ability to research and write the required piece of custom paper. Due to this reason, the quality of the work done by the student is not up to the standard which leads him to plagiarize in order to get maximum scores.

Misconception of Plagiarism and Paraphrase

It has been found that most of the students cannot differentiate between these two terms quite easily at first contact to write their big dissertations. When trying to produce custom papers, this problem intensifies and students face the task of paraphrasing technical material into layman’s language. When the task becomes too hard to complete, they resort to copying the information as it is which leads to copying some other person’s work. This also causes them to give incorrect citations and references enhancing the problem.

Usage of Proper Language

Language or terminology is another factor which makes students confuse and increases their uncertainty about writing custom papers on their own. Many students cannot distinguish between words that sound same but mean entirely different. This may confuse them and provoke them into cheating and copying kinds of acts for completing their own dissertations on time.

Careless Attitudes

A large number of students are careless during their classes or academic days and forget to distinguish during their lectures if the material they have is quoted or paraphrased. This carelessness makes them forget to write if the notes they took were dictated by a teacher, quoted or made by themselves.

In the end, they write all of it when writing a dissertation paper which is later found to be a copy of others already constructed work. It may also happen that they do not cite the quote properly and write incorrect reference which again results into unintended non paraphrased work.

Improper Citations and References

A large number of students are confused between the various citation styles such as MLA, Chicago, Turabian etc. They may consult the books which may not contain the right information and which can lead to wrong way of citation. If copying from an Internet resource, it might happen that a web URL can change overnight and the student may find the copied dissertation all over the Internet.

Misunderstanding Copyrighting

Students do not really go into depths of understanding what is copyrighting or privacy policy, what is common knowledge and what materials are the sole property of their creators. This lack of understanding makes the students oblivious to the fact of copyrighting and they copy the entire material without any regard to the fact that it is copying someone else’s work. They also need to realize that only copying the written text is not an offence in the terms of copy right work , but copying the original idea also comes under this same act of crime.

Maintaining High Standards

Students want to do their best and achieve the highest possible scores when writing a custom dissertation. When they are unable to come up with a quality paper of their own, they might seek information or a prepared paper on the Internet. They copy the whole thing thinking that theirs would be the best custom paper. On the contrary, this results in the act of crime as in the rights of writing laws.

In many instances, students just want to complete their course or degree for which a paper is a requisite. Knowledge or learning is of no essence to them. In such cases, they try to submit their custom papers without any regard for the information or knowledge. To get the work done, they copy paper and present them as their own.

Devaluation of Education

The need to study just for the purpose of attaining high pay jobs and commercialism has led to devaluation of education. The students just study to get high jobs and not to learn in the strict sense of the word. Thinking from this perspective, they do not give enough attention to their studies or strive hard enough to do their assignments themselves and thus end up with copying other person’s original works.

Lack of Time to Carry out Research and Write

Students working in foreign universities do not have ample time to conduct researches and write. They have to study as well as work in order to support themselves. This lack of time and energy after a long and hectic day leaves them too tired out to conduct research, study long hours and produce custom papers. They get stressed and overwhelmed by the great energy and hard work needed to compile their custom papers. Due to this very reason, students turn towards this act.

These reasons are some of the most common among the factors which cause students to copy, while writing their custom papers. Each of the students must have faced at least one or more than one of these reasons for committing this act of crime in terms of writing or compiling a dissertation paper. However, with proper guidance and management it is possible for students to avoid this act.

Check Essay for Plagiarism:

Make sure you check your dissertation or essay for any traces of cheating or copying of other person’s work. It must not be copied at all. Learn the proper way of citing references and ensure you know how paraphrasing works and what its limitations are

Free Plagiarism Detection:

There are custom essay writing services that provide free detection. When you acquire their assistance in completing your dissertation, they send you a report which substantiates the truthfulness of their claim that the work was not plagiarized at all.

Universities Check for Plagiarism:

If you are thinking your university won’t check whether you have your work for originality or not then you are making a big mistake. There are software available which can easily detect if they whole dissertation or even some part of it was copied from somewhere or not. You can easily get caught. So, make sure you avoid cheating at any cost and make sure that your work is full original proof.

Detecting Such Crime in Writing is Easy:

Detecting such acts in writtings, is not a big deal nowadays. You may even buy an Anti-Plagiarism Software and check your own dissertation to make sure it’s custom written and you have not even accidentally written anything without mentioning proper references.

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