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What Should You Know about Dissertation Reports Format?

What Should You Know about Dissertation Reports Format?

By: Dominic Corey

Dissertation Report Writing Help:

Your dissertation report format is very necessary to consider while you are writing your final dissertation. Different universities require different writing styles. It is also necessary to find out how each style can make an impact on your overall performance of writing and also your format of your dissertation. This can also make more effective once you understand the formats of writing a dissertation and their use. It is extremely important to know your dissertation format otherwise your dissertation won’t be approved. In order to find out the specific format requirements, refer to your university guidelines or consult with your advisor. In this article I will give you a general overview of dissertation format. These are classified in different font sizes and fonts format to make them unique and different from each other.


Paper, Font Size and Style
First of all, find out if your paper size should be A4. You will also have to confirm its weight and whiteness. Along with this, confirm the font size and style.

Margins and Page Format

Find out about top, bottom, left and right margins. Also confirm Head height, Head separation, Footer and Foot separation. Check if line spacing should be 1.5. Find out about single and double-sided printing.

Page Numbering

Find out about page numbering that whether it should be centered or not and if it should be in the header or the footer.

The Abstract

The abstract summarizes your dissertation. You have to write it on a separate page. The length of the Abstract differs from one university to another or even from one subject to another. So, you need to find out its length. Check your university requirements or ask your advisor about the length.


In this part you may thank those who assisted you in obtaining your graduate degree.


If your dissertation is 5 chapters long then understand the structure of your dissertation thoroughly. The chapters would be: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results & Discussion and Conclusion.


This is where you cite all the references you used in your dissertation. How references should be cited depends on the required writing style.

Know it well:

Make sure you understand the dissertation report format correctly and thoroughly. This will enable you to combine all the parts of your dissertation in an effective way. So, discuss the format with your advisor and take notes.

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