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What is Research Proposal

All about Research Proposal

You know what a thesis, dissertation or research paper is but who knows what a research proposal is?

There is always a first time for everything and since you don’t know what a research proposal is, you will get all the information you want here.


It is presented by a researcher that demonstrates the whole purpose of the research work to the committee members or supervisor. A research proposal gives a short picture of the project so that the reader gets the whole look of a project without wasting his precious hours. It is a proposal is usually presented in the beginning or just starting the research. The proposal is to get permission to proceed further work on the research and to let others know what is going to be subjected in the research to have more results. The researcher usually compiles the difference in it and also makes a kind of brief summary which lets the readers aware of all basic knowledge, logic, and reasons for the related research. The proposal which is made on research plays an important role in order to present point of view.


  • To present the motive of the research
  • To highlight the research effort of prior researchers who worked on the related research questions (Literature review)
  • To suggest what kind of data would be useful in solving the research problem.

Who sponsors the research?

All kinds of researches is sponsored whether it’s in a corporate setting or an academic environment.


  • It involves analyzing, plan and review the steps implemented in the project.
  • It provides a road map prior to the real research work.
  • It provides a complete idea of the budget, research limitations, hindrances and boundaries for the real project – thesis or dissertation

What are the different types of research proposals?

There are two types of research proposals:
Internal & external


Proposals are a snappy idea of the whole research work. This kind of research proposal is based on one, two or three pages. It outlines the problem statement, research objectives, design of the research, schedule. The literature review is not much stressed in an internal research proposal.


Proposals can be either solicited or unsolicited. Solicited research proposal is crafted in a request for proposal (RFP) and is more likely to compete with other research works for grants.

An unsolicited research proposal is created on the suggestion by a contract researcher for particular research to be done.

Module in a proposal:

  • Executive Summary
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Objectives
  • Literature Review
  • Importance of the Study
  • Research Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Nature and Form of Results
  • Qualifications of the Researcher
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Facilities and Special Resources
  • Project Management
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices


That was all about a research proposal, you can make yours by following the guidelines and meaning of it given above or search for more to get more accurate results.

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