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What Is A Research Methodology?

What Is A Research Methodology? What Are Its Two Famous Types?

They say that the research methodology is the scariest section of your dissertation.
How true is that?

They say that this is the core of your dissertation and that if you screw this up then you will never be able to pass your dissertation.
How right are they?

By now, I’m sure that thinking about your research methodology is giving you sleepless nights and a burden of stress.

Then let us make life a little easier for you.

But before we straighten out a few of your preconceived notions, let’s have a look at it??

What is the research methodology?

The meaning of the research methodology is to conduct a structured research process for a thesis or dissertation. The main purpose of the methodology is to be able to come up with an original and significant outcome that will contribute towards the field of your research.

In simple words, the research methodology defines what the activity of your research is, through what methods you will be measuring the data and how will you be interpreting your outcomes. When these factors are considered, it makes the methodology the most important part of your dissertation.

Now that we have answered the question ‘what is methodology in research?’ another question that arises here is that through what methods is the data measured and concluded?

There are two basic methods that are adopted popularly for measuring the data:

Quantitative method
Qualitative method

Quantitative Method:

The quantitative method refers to a measurement of the number of times something occurs under set conditions. It tries to determine the relationship between an independent and a dependent variable and the main objective of this kind of research is to develop models, theories and hypotheses pertaining to the occurrence of that phenomenon. Here, the researchers can gather primary data or secondary data for analysis. The data can be gathered through surveys, observations, economic journals and a questionnaire that is later put through a statistical tool for analysis and interpretation. The quantitative method is quite reliable and authentic because there are different statistical models used while conducting the data.

Qualitative Method:

This method of research is used when the meaning of a question needs to be found. It focuses more on the behaviors, preferences, decisions, and actions of an individual which can be difficult, but not impossible to capture through statistics. The scope of this type of research is far wider than the quantitative method and more freedom is given to the researcher during his investigative study. This fact can also prove to be disadvantageous as the researcher might not be able to control the outcome of the research. Here, the data can be gathered through first-hand observations and open-ended questionnaires.
After going through this article, I’m sure that you now have a clear underrating of the research methodology meaning as well as its types.

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