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Have you got no idea what happens in a post graduation viva voce or what type of questions your wriggling professors are going to throw your way with your legs shaking and brain locked thinking you won’t be able to defend you Results and Methodology

If all the above is YOU then in what self deceptive state of mind do you believe you will get through this horrendous Dissertation Viva Voce?!?!

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Introducing an amazing Book on Viva Examination Secrets and the Arts and Skills of Viva Voce.


This E-Book will help you take a dissertation viva with confidence and self esteem beyond your imagination and you will be able to score as high as you never did.

This book will enable you to:

  • Understand the role of a Dissertation Viva.
  • Understand the different Variations of Viva.
  • Understand the Recent Patterns in Practice.
  • Acknowledge the Viva Marking Criterias.
  • Recognize the different kinds of Ambiguities your Professors might have.
  • Learn the proper use of Examples and Anecdotes.
  • Learn the Different Approaches you can take to your Viva.
  • Learn the art of Predicting the Questions.
  • Learn how you can answer General, Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Questions
  • Learn how to Defend your Methodology.
  • Learn how to ease through the Aggressive Questions.
  • Recognize that Million Dollar Question which can alter the course of your Viva.
  • Learn how to keep Calm and Concentrated when the Examiners are Rude and Ruthless.

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Viva was never the field I could play in. Either I was low on Confidence or I didn’t know the Techniques having no idea where the Questions are going to come from. But when I found dissertation-help.co.uk while I was looking for help they gave me this really useful E-Book on Dissertation Viva which helped me build my Confidence and learn how’s and do’s of a Dissertation Viva. I delivered my viva two weeks back and I am proud to say that I scored better than I had imagined. Sue Marry Glasgow, UK
Thank you so much Dissertation-help.co.uk. You saved me and my Dissertation. Being in the last two months of my Post Graduation I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the Dissertation Viva and that too for the first time. It seemed like a nightmare facing those ruthless Professors. Thanks to your Amazing E-Book which I was able to read, apprehend and pertain I faced the committee and got through my viva as easy as it can get. Thanks Indeed! Alan McArthur Liverpool, UK
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