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Types of research methodology.

Different Types of Research Methodology to Compose a First Class Dissertation

The main goal of the research is to discover new knowledge but if you want to compose a successful research methodology then you need to have sound knowledge of the different types of methodology that are used for research.

Below mentioned are few Types for your dissertation:


  • Descriptive Vs Analytical:

    Descriptive research includes fact findings and surveys of different kinds. The main aim of this type of research is to analyze the present condition of a problem. There are several types that are used for the descriptive type including the comparative and co relational methods. This type of study can be used if the researcher is trying to determine consumer behavior, preferences or similar data.

The analytical method is somewhat different from a descriptive one. Here, the researcher already has the information or facts available and must analyze it to make a critical evaluation for research.

  • Applied Vs Fundamental:
    The applied research is also called action research as it tries to determine an immediate solution to the problems that are being faced on hand. Here, the researcher will explain ways to change the situation at hand. The study is conducted with the fact in mind that the variables are constantly changing. The report here is usually conducted in common language form.

The fundamental research, on the other hand, is also called basic or pure research. It deals with the study of generations to formulate a basic theory on the same. Here, the hypothesis consists of variables that remain constant throughout the study. The reporting part of this research is done in technical terms.

  • Quantitative Vs Qualitative:
    Quantitative research is based on the measurement of a quantity or amount. It tries to determine the quantitative impact of one variable over another. This type of research is mainly used in the subjects of mathematics, economics, and statistics.

Where quantitative research tries to determine the numbers, qualitative research is more concerned with the subjective behaviors of the population and tries to determine the factors which affect decision making, moods, and attitudes. These research methodology types are important for behavioral students or people who are conducting research in the field of sociology, psychology or social science.

  • Conceptual Vs Empirical:
    Conceptual research is used when researchers are trying to develop new theories or trying to reinterpret existing ones. It is somewhat related to abstract ideas and theories.

Empirical research is used when the proof is sought on how one variable affects another. Here, experiments are conducting to gather data to support the given hypothesis.

  • Experimental Vs Non-experimental:
    Experimental research tries to conduct experiments by changing the circumstances of the independent variables and then studying their effect on dependent variables under controlled conditions. This type of study always starts with a hypothesis to research.

Non-experimental research simply tries to measure the present level of the independent variable over the dependent variable. Here, no hypothesis is developed prior to investigation.

So there you have some of the basic types of research methodology that will help you select the appropriate type of research method for your dissertation.

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