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35 Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics ideas and examples

Tourism is one of the most interesting areas for research. Here, we have a list of dissertation topics in tourism marketing that consist of the ongoing trends and situations in the tourism industry. You can choose any of the dissertation topics for your thesis for undergrad and master’s program. Further, contact our team of professional writers for your dissertation. We can also help you with dissertations on marketing, business administration, sociology, and other fields.

Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics for masters and undergraduate students best ideas with examples

Here is the list of Tourism Marketing Topics:

  1. Examining the importance of peace and security for the growth and development of tourism industry in a country.
  2. An evaluation of the factors that promote tourism in an attraction site.
  3. A comparative analysis of local and international tourism – case study
  4. To assess the impact of destination image on tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty.
  5. The use of GPS, mobile and Wi-Fi data to learn about tourists movements: analysis of a case study.
  6. Eliciting the preferences of tourists for climate change. An analysis of price movements in the accommodation sector.
  7. Competition between tourism destinations in a framework of monopolistic competition.
  8. The relationship between customer satisfaction and design of a hotel
  9. The relationship between staff satisfaction and customer satisfaction in different hotels
  10. Effective marketing strategies in tourism: A comparative study
  11. The gamification in the tourism industry: A systematic review
  12. Tourism marketing in selected emerging economies: Implications to the travel and tourism sector
  13. Tourism marketing of culture and heritage: A review
  14. Impact of cultural events on tourism marketing
  15. Marketing mechanisms for various destinations
  16. The benefits of online marketing of tourism programs around the world
  17. Tourism marketing and the craft industries: Establishment of links through tourism marketing
  18. Impact of the tourism industry in Marketing local Culture
  19. The relationship between the buying habits of tourists and eco-tourism
  20. Evaluation of foreign tourist habits that affect the environment
  21. The benefits of integrated marketing communication to eco-tourism in different countries
  22. Analyzing the impact of the internet on the growth and development of eco-tourism
  23. How do citizens of a country perceive foreign eco-tourism over that of their own country?
  24. The Impact of Eco-tourism on Sustainable Development of Developing Countries
  25. The Relationship Between Globalization and International Eco-Tourism
  26. The Impact of integrated communication methods on tourist sites
  27. Relationship between pricing and convenience among tourists
  28. An analysis of the primary duties and challenges of a tour manager
  29. Negative Challenges associated with dark tourism in India
  30. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenges in hospitality and tourism.
  31. Increasing awareness of dark tourism around the world
  32. Major strategies used in the management of imbalances in the demand-supply chain in the tourism industry
  33. Sports Tourism: How to attract players into a hotel
  34. The role of strategic human resource management in the development of a competitive market in the hotel chain business
  35. The role of global terrorism in shaping tourism

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