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Thesis Research Question with examples

Compose a Doable Thesis Research Question to Earn You an Outstanding Grade

Once you’ve chosen a research theme, you can now start the second step of your investigative report that is to compose a research question thesis. The composition of your research question is crucial; as it will have a direct impact on all the other areas of your investigation and will help you develop a framework or road map for your thesis.
Your research question will also help you articulate all the other aspects of your report such as the proposal, methodology and conclusion.

If your research question is ambiguous and vague, then so will your report be. To put it simply, a research question can make or break your thesis.

How can you compose a doable research question?

  1. Select a topic for your thesis that is easily researchable. That means that you can easily gather the information you need to solve the problem.
  2. Then list all the questions that should be answered to solve the problem? Make sure that each of your questions contains at least two or more variable that needs to be measured in order to resolve the issue.
  3. From the questions listed above, choose a question with just the right scope of research, i.e. a question that does not have a scope that is too broad that it will be difficult to conduct research in specified time and it should not be too narrow that research is impossible.
  4. To ensure that your research scope is just right, try and search your data on the internet, if you have a lot of research results then that means that your research scope if alright.
  5. Now you need to form the specific objectives of your research in the form of a question that should consist of the research variables and should follow the scope that was determined earlier.

What are the characteristics of a ‘doable’ thesis Research Question?

The first rule of a thesis or dissertation question is that it should be doable. If it is not doable, then the research committee that will evaluate your report will waste no time in rejecting it. To ensure that your dissertation research question is doable you may want to ask yourself several questions:

  • How long will it take to address your research question? Since you have limited time to complete your study, makes sure that your research question can be answered within the limited time frame.
  • Do you have the appropriate skill set needed to address the problem in the research question? Do you have the knowledge necessary to conduct the research? Do you have access to the resources which you will need to collect the data for your research report?

Hence, while composing your research question, if you keep all these components in mind then you will be able to formulate a need statement that is clear, concise and significant for your study.

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