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Theoretical Framework Thesis

Time To Check Out The Top Five Thesis Theoretical Framework Mistakes That Can Cost A Student Big Time!

“Great writing skills come from hundred writing errors, and a lot of that comes from lack of experience”

1- Anonymous writer

Extremely excited and charged about writing your thesis since this is the first time you are working on a project like this. But hey this is your first time; will you be able to make it to the brass ring in the first shot?

I bet, you can but I am sure about the obstacles you will face while working on the different areas of your project as well especially the theoretical framework in thesis
. It is one of the important and critical areas where students commit mistake a lot usually. However, there are some common tips if they are followed and then applied on thesis work it would definitely bring favorable results for the students and that is how they can get a good score.

The latest research has shown, 75 % of the students commit mistakes in writing the theoretical framework and literature review of a thesis.

But, what mistakes?

Top Five Mistakes Students Faces in Working on Thesis theoretical Framework

2- IPO –input process output:

Two things:

First, students normally don’t bother including an IPO chart – Input process output model in their theoretical framework.

Second, even if they do they don’t know how to use it.

IPO also known as IPO + S Model is a functional paradigm or a conceptual schema. The chart aims to identify a programs input along with the processing steps to reach a desired output.


3- Imprecise logical structure:

Mind it, it’s not LR – literature review or a dissertation itself, instead it is a part of them, though a significant one but has to precise enough to only propose a theory that will be entailed in the research process. Thus, the theoretical framework must be in a certain word’s length to show the specificity of the theories.

4- Identification of variables:

By and large, two variables play their game in composing a theoretical framework. Confusion between the identification of these variables – independent & dependent variable can cause a lot of problems for the writer.

5- Identification of moderators:

Moderators are the intervening variables, when this variable jumps in, a student is sure to get upset if he doesn’t have an idea about them. Teachers when want to scan the students’ abilities often suggest them research questions including various kinds of variables.

6- Structuring the logical structure:

Oftentimes, students are not aware of the proper organization of the framework; as a result, they are forced to write it again in a logical manner. An ideal structure would be something like this:

  1. Research question
  2. Examining the literature review
  3. Investigating the theory
  4. Testing the theoretical framework
  5. Refining the framework
  6. Validating the theoretical framework chosen

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