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Theoretical Framework Examples

Get Theoretical Framework Examples to Model Your Work Upon and Get an Appreciative Smile from Your Professor You Were Waiting For Ages

Are you the one who is always searching for examples rather than reading theoretical description of the subject?


Are you the one who’s into listening lectures instead of banging your head in the books?

No matter what you prefer, the theoretical framework examples I am going to give you will be a perfect practical idea of dealing with this hardest part of your project.
An example is better than precept, let’s see how.

Sample: Theoretical Framework

Subject: The students of computer science are analyzing how their existing system works? The sample of the theoretical framework will also make use of an input process output diagram to get a closer look at the situation.

Theoretical Framework: How the existing computer game system works?

For the possible completion of the study, this area will guide the reader on how the existing computer system works and how the proponent can further improve it. For this, a complete input – Process – Output diagram has been organized



Manual System Input – Process – Output of the Existing System

Here is an input process output system created manually to determine the effective working conditions of the existing system. In this game, the player can manually move a piece while holding that piece where the player wants to place it before the final move. After this, the spectator will find out which piece won’t this game and which piece has to be removed or retained on the board game.

The process continues until one of the players wins the match by capturing the opponent’s flag or conquer his base. The most interesting aspect of this game is that, both the opponents cannot see each other, only the spectator can see both of them.

That was a theoretical framework example to guide the students like you to get hold of your fear of working on it. But remember not to use it as it is! Theoretical framework examples have got more weightage for the marks. There are two big advantages that students can avail. The first point is the theoretical example with a framework shows the understanding of the students about the subject and the second advantage is that the students would be in the position to score good marks. But this should be remembered while giving the example that it must be related to the subject and it must have thorough knowledge that has to be elaborating the topic effectively and efficiently. Students are more likely to choose an example from the lecture which is delivered in the class. Because the examples which are delivered in the class is quite authentic and it is more related to the topic. Somehow, an example may be selected from the book but it usually bothers the students to find out the proper example after reading the whole chapter that also takes a lot time.

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