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Teen Suicide Research Paper

Key Points to Be Included In Teen Suicide Research Paper

Teen suicides are day by day a grave problem for the world, for one reason or the other teenagers due to some reason are forced mentally to commit suicide. You have go it right, if the world or the government wants to know the major reasons for teen suicide, the best way is to make them write teen suicide research papers.

Assigning a teen suicide research paper will help them identify the weaknesses of today’s children and being a teenager themselves they would know what the major causes are for it plus they would be aware. So, let’s give the students some ideas to be included in research on teen suicide

Key Points to Be Included In Teen Suicide Research Paper

  • In today’s fast paced modern world, teenagers have forgotten the culture and society norm, they go for unsafe sex resulting in teenage pregnancy which is still not considered good in most of the society. Unwanted teenage pregnancy can only be avoided with precautions; this can be a valid point if you want to write about preventions for teen suicide.
  • Another important cause of teen suicide is the parents extra pressure on the students to opt fr a certain field. Most of the parents in our society want their children to be a doctor or engineer and if their children are unable to study the subject, they get failed resulting in depression and suicide. Therefore, suggest those parents in your teen suicide research paper that they should not over stress their children to study what they don’t want to.
  • Include the latest facts and figures about teenage suicides in United States of America, for example;
    • “Every hundredth minute, a teenager commits suicide….”
  • Most of the students go into depression when they don’t get the desired admission in their dream university or don’t get the grades they were expecting, this can also result in to teen suicide.
  • Drug addiction is another reason for high teenage suicidal tendencies. Today, it is considered fashion to take drugs. Therefore, when they get addicted to it and can’t get it in time, many of them surrenders and commit suicide.

Therefore, you can incorporate as much amount of information in teen suicide research paper as you want, but make sure it is interesting, reliable and informative. In order to make it more credible, you can include a survey research in research paper on teen suicide or an interview with a teenager who tried to commit suicide or any concerned authoritative person.

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