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Supply Chain Dissertation


By: Dominic Corey

  • Is you supply chain dissertation(SCM)giving you a hard time?
  • Are you entangled in all the complications involving supply chain?
  • Do you want information regarding supply chain that is going to make your life much easier?
IF SO. ThenHere is a compilation of the basics of about writing a dissertation on supply chain that is sure to help you get your dissertation accepted without doing much hard work!

Firstly you have to understand what supply chain is? A supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, actions, information and resources concerned in moving an item for consumption or service from supplier to consumer.

A supply chain has three key parts:

  • Supply focuses on the raw materials supplied to manufacturing, including how, when, and from what location.
  • Manufacturing focuses on transforming these raw materials into finished products.
  • Distribution focuses on ensuring these products reach the consumers through a planned network of distributors, warehouses, and retailers.

It is the control of materials, information, and capital and funds as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. It also involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies. The ultimate goal of any effective management system of supply chain is to reduce inventory (with the assumption that products are available when needed).

In you supply chain dissertation you have to study and understand the terms of supply chain and supply chain management thoroughly. Break the definition into many components. By breaking the definition into several parts you can simplify your topic for yourself and it would be easier for you to pick only one component of the definition and focus your research on that component. The management of supply chain is always critical and important task for any business globally. It is a long process to deliver the finished goods to the consumer with the reduction in the inventory in a manner that they should be able to meet the needs of the market. The process includes producer, whole seller, distributer, retailer, depot, stockiest and shop keeper. The success of any business depends mostly on sales and the sales depend completely on management system of supply chain. It is a system through which the producer and whole seller keep the particular amount in their hand in the stock and supply the goods according the demand of the market. However, supply chain should be interrelated and integrated in a manner that it does not waste or spoil the finished goods. Supply chain also makes sure the availability of goods anywhere in the domain that the consumer could buy it easily at reasonable market prices.

This is the most tried and tested way to succeed in your supply chain dissertation. For further help you can contact me any time and I’ll gladly see what additional tips I can give you in your supply chain dissertation. You can also visit our website to get more help.

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