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Three Important Components for Statistic Coursework

Statistics Courseworks

You cannot run away with statistics coursework if you have taken mathematics as your majors, so you have to face the difficult task for writing statistic coursework no matter what. Furthermore, one has to complete their statistics coursework before the submission date, for this purpose most of the students doesn’t get good marks in their exams.

Following are three essential components for writing statistics coursework and they are:

  • Introduction
  • Hypothesis
  • Plan of action

First paragraph: Introduction

As the name indicates, you have to introduce the topic and the theme in the introduction section which should not be more than fifty words; following are some opening sentence that you may find useful:

  • I would be investing in the…..
  • The coursework will be about…
  • I am going to examine ……

Second paragraph: Hypothesis

The nature of the hypothesis depends on the level of studies you are in, if you are foundation student than you would be incorporating 1 hypothesis, for intermediate it’s 2 and for higher level it will be 3. Following are some hypothesis opening statement ideas:

  • The hypothesis is about…
  • The hypothesis I am going to test is ….
  • I think that ….

Third paragraph: Plan of action

Plan of action will determine how you would be moving in your statistic coursework which should be at least 200 words. Following are some opening statement ideas:

  • I would be collecting data about
  • I will be required to collect …..Much data
  • I will be using all of the data I collected
  • I will be required to use a sample
  • Sources of my data will be
  • I will use the data that is authentic by all means…
  • I will be using data that is complete
  • I think that every figure I will be using will show
  • The statistical diagrams will be about
  • I will be using a software for the calculation
  • I will be manually calculating the data and the results

Fourth paragraph: Conclusion

This is the final stage of your work which should be a total summary of your overall statistic coursework; the conclusion should be not more than 150 words. Following are some sentence beginning ideas that you may like:

  • Altogether, my project has proved that the hypothesis …
  • Or altogether, my project has disapproved the hypothesis….
  • The claim was true because…
  • I am convinced about the fact that the sample I used was not large enough to cover the population
  • Consequently, I didn’t change my hypothesis because…
  • I could build up my investigation …..

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