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Imagine a service dealing with your most imperative problem – statistical analysis for your ongoing dissertation or thesis. And imagine that the service does exactly what is needed to be done with your data – transforming it into eligible, understandable result, that you can defend with ease.

Work towards your degree, your dream job and success. All well before time with, Statistical Help on time!

Do not become an ABD (All But Dissertation) just because you don't know what to do with the data you've gathered thus far!

Welcome aboard! You are not alone. Managing your statistics for your research work isn’t child’s play. You need statistics help from an expert who knows and understands your predicament.

We are specialist in the statistical help of your dissertation/thesis. Our work is to make your data talk to you. If you are at the data analysis phase of your research, we will perform all the data analyses for you following these steps….

Step # 1: Review Collected Data and Methods Section

  • We start the process of data analysis by reviewing some specifics of your study, mainly…
  1. A copy of your collected data (your collected data must be in analysis-ready condition means it must be entered in some data analysis or spreadsheet program)
  2. Methods section
  3. Research objectives/questions
  • At step # 1, you have to fill a small statistical analysis quote form so we can go through your study specifics and provide a price quote before undertaking the project.
  • We will provide you with a detailed, fixed-price quote, for all of the data analysis you need in order to complete your dissertation methods or results sections.

Step # 2: Perform The Data Analysis

  1. Decide what statistical analysis technique is suitable. This depends on a number of factors…
    • Whether the analysis will involve (a) one variable – univariate analysis, (b) two variables – bivariate analysis, or more than two variables – multivariate analysis.
    • The level at which the variable (or variables) are measured (i.e. nominal, ordinal, etc)
  2. We will perform the data analysis for you using the current version of either…
    1. SPSS
    2. Minitab
    3. E-Views
    4. Stata
    5. SAS

Step # 3: Results and Interpretation Chapter

We will deliver all of the results (e.g. tables and graphs) to you as Microsoft Word documents, along with a written interpretation that demonstrates how to interpret and report the results.

Step # 4: Free Unlimited Support

Also included is unlimited telephone and email support to answer any questions that you might have. If you or your committee members have any questions about the data analysis, we will be prepared to help you answer them.

You saved me and my dissertation. A couple of weeks back I didn’t know how I can put my research data into a proper structure having real trouble with deciding whether the data proves or disapproves the original hypotheses but your statistical help was like a dream come true. My data was never so meaningful and conclusive and I never felt so confident to present my research anywhere.I truly appreciate your efforts.

John Langer Nottingham, UK

Come with us and get the most precise data analysis to prove your research question.

How It Works

When you hire us for the statistical analysis of your dissertation we guarantee:
  1. You will effortlessly comprehend all the Statistical Methods and Conclusions we use in your dissertation.
  2. Your statistical data and analysis will be accepted whole heartedly by the committee.
  3. Your work will be delivered in time so that deadlines are not a hurdle for you.
Your data will be analyzed, integrated and discussed accurately and precisely in a comprehensive way maintaining the originality of your data using the most suitable and meaningful methods available based on the type and subject of your research. We offer this guarantee with most certainty because we have the most qualified statisticians who hold highest level of education in their field of expertise from the leading universities and colleges with hands on experience in their respective fields using the latest and most recognized statistical methodologies.

If you are among those 73% UK Students who just get themselves strangled in the Dissertation Statistical Analysis part. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Sign up for our Professional Statistical Consulting to bring your Research Data into a formidable and presentable form and get the dream scores for your dissertation.

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