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Sociology Research Paper

Sociology Research Papers

How To Develop A Hypothesis For Sociology Research Papers

A hypothesis is a proposed statement or assumption that will be tested in the coming research paper, this need to be an attention grabber and different, only then one is able to force the reader to continue reading the rest of the research paper. Same goes with sociology research paper, sociology deals with the social sciences which consist of wide array of topics so formulating a hypothesis won’t be that difficult.
Now, let us examine some ways to formulate a good hypothesis for sociology research paper. There are three major perspective in sociology, therefore, determine from which perspective you want to write your sociology research papers.
  • Functionalist perspective
  • Conflict theory
  • Symbolic interactionism

Now based on the above perspective, you will write your hypothesis for sociological research paper. Let us first discuss them one by one…

Functionalist perspective

The functionalist perspective perceives the world or the society we live in as organism in which each and everything serves a particular function. Therefore, your hypothesis for sociological research papers would be something like this:

Sociology Research paper title # 1

How crimes effect the society?
“Crime performs the function of providing the employment opportunities to the police offices, prosecutors, criminal investigators, army men, law enforcement agencies and other related fields”

Sociology Research paper title # 2

Significance of the classic nuclear family
“It is proposed that the nuclear family is found to be more functional than single parent family”

Conflict Theory

Conflict theory is stemmed from the great Karla Max views which define our society as class conscious world where there are different groups and individuals using their power and authority over the less powerful groups or individuals. Therefore, hypothesis for conflict theory would be something like this:

Sociology Research paper title # 1

Role of women in male dominated society


“A wife’s whole life earning would always be less than her husband because of her working as an unpaid labor for 24/7 in her husband’s home”

Sociology Research paper title # 2

Class conflict from Karl Marx perspective


“Marx argues that money is made by exploiting the workers, thus, employer should pay less in order to make more money”

Symbolic interactionism perspective

Symbolic interactionism perspective deals with the idea of micro-scale social interaction those are important for the development in small fields that is social psychology and urban psychology. Therefore the hypothesis based on such a perspective would be something like this:

Sociology Research paper title # 1

The impact of social norm change in the society


“Due to the prominent changes that has taken place in our society since 1950s as a women is not considered offensive from being a single mother”

Sociology Research paper title # 2

The basis for social interaction and interpretation


“Human beings can be understood in a better way in relation to their environment”

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