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Social Research Proposal Sample

Feeling Nervous in Selecting A Social Research Proposal Topic???..Find Out The 20 Most Useful Topics That Will Turn Your Supervisor Excited More Than You!

Nervousness arises when one is not sure of the topic selection or not confident about his own decisions. Therefore, sure shot guidance is required at this stage.

This happens when the student doesn’t know what his or her supervisor wants. Here are some of the social work research proposal example topics that are always in demand by the supervisors or instructors for dissertation writing. The suitable selection of the topic for the research proposal is always helpful for the students in order to decrease anxiousness and nervousness about it. Because the selection of the topic does half of the research proposal and there would more chance for the research proposal to be accepted. However, the research proposal based on social topics would be more easy to work on.

Social research proposal example topic ideas:

Before we proceed, I would like to advise you that, getting a topic as it is wont to trouble you at all but if you will come up with your own set of ideas after reading this then it would be much better and good for you.

Social work:

  1. Psychological problems of homeless children: How can they be addressed?
  2. Social workers in improving the lives of helpless women in Asian countries
  3. Anti-racism laws and their implementation in the United States of America
  4. Correlation between poverty and health: issues of health care
  5. Healthcare programs for the elderly: Chronic Care Model
  6. Impacts of increasing workloads and lack of adequate training in UK social workers
  7. How social workers can increase the level of education in rural Pakistan?
  8. Domestic violence and child abuse
  9. Role of social workers in enhancing the awareness
  10. Management system to increase the distribution of food in Somalia.

Social media:

  1. How has social media changed the relationship between brand & consumer?
  2. What do consumers want from their social relationships with a brand?
  3. Facebook has 500 million users. MySpace has 60 million. Twitter has 145 million and LinkedIn is up to 60million. What’s the difference between them?
  4. There is a major move on to identify influencers; those individuals who have the respect and authority among peers and the propensity to make recommendations and frequently interact with their own networks.
  5. A social network can build an audience for a product, develop a significant brand preference and purchase intent and maybe even keep people using a product after initial purchase or prescription.
  6. Case studies for successful social media commuting and presenting.
  7. Cool business applications for podcasting.
  8. Emerging legal issues in social media
  9. Social media networking for businesses
  10. Online marketing compare to traditional marketing

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