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Science Research Topic

Science research topic

Science Research Topic– Different Type of Fields with Sample Topic Ideas

  • Do you have to write a research report in the field of science that you haven’t even started yet?
  • Don’t know which topic will give you better margin for investigative research and will be interesting to work on?

Then let us help you!

But before we give you a few science research topic ideas, let’s have a look at the different types of researches in the field of science so that you have a clear understanding of them all.

Different fields within science research

  1. Natural Sciences

This branch of science tries to study the phenomena of nature by applying empirical and scientific methods. Some of the sub categories of this type of scientific research include study in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, environment and medicine. Amongst these studies, the most popular for investigative studies are medical and environmental sciences.

The reason or their popularity amongst researchers is that these two fields of sciences affect an individual directly and theories in this field are changing every day. While selecting a research topic in any of these two fields, you must be careful that the theme of your research is current and significant to the field of research. You need to pick a topic that will not become obsolete in the near future as that will waste all your hard work and the research must be significant enough to make an a valid contribution in the field of study.

Some of medical research topic ideas are

    • The relationship between bleaching and skin diseases
    • The relationship between physical exercise and learning ability
    • Importance of study of psychopathic behavior for the society

Some of environmental research topic ideas are

    • The effect of music on growth of plants
    • The effect of direct sun rays on plant’s growth
    • The effect of excess salinity on trees
  1. Social Sciences

This field of research tries to study the behavior, preferences, culture and customs of a society. This field of social sciences includes study of anthology, business administration, political sciences, education, economics and criminology. This field of research tries to determine what influences an individual to make certain decisions or act a certain way. Keeping in mind the current economic conditions, two fields of study that are very popular choices for research are economics and education.

Some of economics research topic ideas are

    • The effect of fiscal policy on economic growth of a developing country
    • The relationship between rise in petroleum prices and individual household income
    • the relationship between recession and national unemployment rate

Some of education research topic ideas are

    • The effect of performance based pay on a teacher’s performance
    • Relationship between parents interest in child’s performance at school and child’s performance
    • Factors that contribute towards students dropping out of high school

In conclusion, no matter which topic you choose for your research make sure that it is of your interest and concern so that the investigative process does not become a cause of anxiety and frustration for you. As science research topic are not found everywhere easily you can find here with more new ideas.

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