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Science Fair Research Paper

Some Topic Ideas For High School Science Fair Research Paper Projects

For a high school student, one has to show advance level of creative thinking, ideas and science knowledge in order to write effective high school science fair projects. Everybody can write but writing something that show writers creative streak and out of the box thinking capability is a difficult thing however success is assured in the end in order to help students deal with this issue, we have compiled some good

science fair research paper topic ideas

No matter, how good the content of your science fair project for high school is, if you are not able to create a good title, then it won’t be of any help. Therefore, in order to help students deal with this issue, we have compiled some good science fair research paper topic ideas.

  1. Why there are 7 days in a week?

This would be a very interesting topic to deal with; you can conduct a deep research work on why there are 7 days a week? There are many reasons for this out of which some are wrong as well, like some people believe that it is due to the universal seven days cycle where most of the things are based on the number “7”, some says it is derived from Julian calendar and so on…

  1. Finite element processing

The topic is more scientific in nature where you would be telling about the whole procedure which is called as FEA (finite element analysis). Write all the numerical techniques involved for finding solution for partial differential equation while also giving a detailed analysis of the step by step procedure of finite element post processing.

  1. Why cloning is considered unethical?

Cloning was once talk of the town as it raised many questions for human integrity and importance, most of the people has reservations about its ethical and moral aspects, so you can also make it a good debatable yet informative topic. You can also point out the banned on cloning but not on therapeutic or experimental cloning why did that happen?

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