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Research Topic Samples

Sample Research Topic List– Guaranteed To Get Your Creative Cells Working and Flowing

Is your thesis or dissertation due soon and you haven’t even come up with research topic ideas?

Then you’re in trouble!

Lucky for you, we have a list of a few research topics that won’t fail to inspire you.

A good research topic is one that is interesting to conduct and appealing to read. If you are not interested in conducting the research, there are very good chances that the readers will not be interested in it too.

Research Topic List

Below mentioned is a list of interesting research topic ideas for your thesis or dissertation.

Environmental Research Theme:

  1. Acid Rain Patterns In War Effected Countries
  2. Hazardous Waste Systems In Developing Countries
  3. Effect Of Alternative Energy Sources On Ozone Layer
  4. Solar Power Opportunities For Energy Saving

Technology Research Theme:

  1. Cyber-crimes patterns in multinational companies
  2. Effect of cell phone usage patterns on email services
  3. Effect of customer relationship manager on service quality of banks
  4. Effect of customer relationship manager on customer loyalty patterns in hotels

Social Sciences Research Theme:

  1. Cell phone usage patterns during driving
  2. Relationship between cell phone usage while driving and car accidents
  3. Domestic violence patterns among high school dropout couples
  4. Relationship between gender and gambling patterns
  5. Relationship between stress and gambling patterns
  6. Internet stalking incidents among high school students
  7. Privacy issues on social media websites
  8. Racism occurrence at multinational organizations
  9. Underage drinking patterns among high school students
  10. Social services patterns among high school students
  11. Effect on a couple’s relationship when female earns more than male
  12. Effect of peer pressure on consumer buying patterns
  13. effect of stress on shopping patterns
  14. effect of media violence in kindergarten students behavior

Medical Research Theme:

  1. Effect on caffeine drinking habits on university students secular performance
  2. Relationship between media exposure and anorexia nervosa
  3. Relationship between desk jobs and obesity
  4. Drug/steroids usage patterns in sports players
  5. Cholesterol disease patterns in young adults of USA
  6. Long term consequences of weight loss drugs
  7. Effect of afternoon naps in productivity of a professional
  8. Effect of playing sports on stress

Educational research theme:

  1. Effect of student loan schemes on national economy
  2. Public school sports teams compared with performance of private school sports teams
  3. Number of public school activities compared to that of private schools
  4. Effect of the British ‘gap-year’ trend in the intelligence level of a student
  5. How does technological independence in schools (freedom with internet) affect students?

The above list is just to get your creative cells kicking. If you want your research to be significant it is necessary to come up with a topic on which no researches have been conducted before.

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