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Research Topic Proposal

Compose Your Own Research Topic Proposal in Less Than 60 Minutes – A Bet

It’s a few hours from midnight, you have to submit your research proposal first thing tomorrow and you haven’t even started it yet?
That must be a stressful situation!

If you have selected a topic for your research, then we can help you with the rest of the proposal composition process. Start composing your proposal with the below mentioned research topic proposal example
    1. Proposed Research Topic

Here, you simply state the theme on which you wish to conduct the research. You can also give a brief description of the topic if you think that it is unique and your audience will not be able to understand it but make sure that the description is not more than two to three sentences.

    1. Objective

Here, you state what you wish to accomplish through the study. What is the desired goal and outcome of the investigative process? Here, you can also add the reason for selecting this particular topic as the theme of your research.

    1. Hypothesis

This is the assumed outcome of conclusion of your research. This will also be the basis of selecting the methodology of the study.

    1. Background of the Research

This is where you give a description of the theme of your research. Describe how the ideal situation should be and what the current situation is. Include the circumstances that persuaded you to choose the topic and give a review how you will achieve your goals.

    1. Scope

This is where you include the technicalities of the investigative process. Make sure that you include here the time you will spend on the research, the number of respondents you will approach and the field work that will take place for the study.

    1. Theoretical Framework

Here, you will give the scientific side of your research. You will include here the variables that you will be studying, the methods you will be using and the relationship that you will be looking for. This is the technical part of the investigative process.

    1. Limitations

This part is necessary to forewarn the reader regarding the boundaries of your study. Here, you will include constrains that are beyond your control for example, limited time that is allocated by your college for research or data that you do not have access to because of external limitations.

    1. Delimitations

This is the part where you describe the boundaries of research that you have set for the study.

  1. References

Make sure that you use authentic references for your research topic proposal for the reliability of your research.

In a nutshell, the real research process begins only after the proposal has been approved; the research topic proposal is very importance factor to be considered so you need to make sure that you use the above mentioned components in your research for effectiveness.

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