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Research Topic In Hr

How to Come Up With a Research Topic in HR In As Little As 20 Minutes!

Trying to come up with a research theme for your thesis in human resource management?

Look no further!

Here, not only will we give you a few suggestions for excellent research topics but we will also help you come up with a topic on your own.

The purpose of research topic in human resource management is to determine how personnel can be used effectively and efficiently in order to provide maximum organizational output.

One of the most popular tools to gauge organizational performance is through HR scorecard which covers four major areas of study mentioned below.

Once you know what these four areas are and you have seen a few examples of research topic in hr., you can easily select an area of your interest and come up with a research topic in no time.
  1. Strategic researches

These types of researches focus of the strategic effectiveness of the employees’ performance. They are one of the most important types of human resource researches which are quickly gaining a lot of fame as organizations and researchers are discovering the importance of strategically linked personnel performance and output. The new trend in researches regarding organizational productivity is to measure it in terms of human resource goal fulfillment rather than on financial or economic scales.

Some examples for such human resource studies are as follows

    • Effect of culture survey on organizational productivity
    • Effect of competitive compensation and benefit packages on organizational productivity
    • Level of employee competency required in different job tasks
    • Organizational performance benchmarking
  1. Operational Researches

This type of human resource study deals with operational tasks and processes or a company. The idea is to examine different daily operational processes and come up with a process that provides maximum effectiveness and efficiency for the company. For example, evaluating human resource processes like cost, quality and average task cycle time, etc.

Some examples for such human resource studies are as follows

    • Effect of specialized labor skills on organizational profits
    • Effect of skills development and training on organizational profits
    • effect of company policies and procedures on employee performance
    • Relationship between number of training hours and employee productivity
  1. Financial Researches

This type of researches deals with the financial measure of the company that determine mathematically and statistically how successful the company is. It tries to create a link between the employees’ performance and the productivity level of the company and looks as personnel as human asset.

Some examples for such human resource studies are as follows

    • Effect of employee rewards and increments on company productivity
    • Effect of employee compensation and benefit packages on company productivity
    • HR expenses to be allocation per employee
  1. Employee Perspective Researches

It focuses on the idea that the more satisfied and secure an employee feels in the company, the better he will perform and the more profitable the company will be.

Some examples for such human resource studies are as follows

    • Employee perception of the organization
    • Effect of annual employee satisfaction surveys on company productivity
    • Market perception of the organization as the employer
    • Employee conflict resolution strategies

Hence, take a look at each of the individual aspect of the human resource management and then choose the category where you want to conduct your research.

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