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Research Topic In Economics

Economics Research Topic – Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Come Up With A+ Level Thesis

Are you trying to compose a thesis or dissertation in the field of economics and don’t know where to start?

Do you wish that somebody was there to guide you through the composition process and give you some ideas for your research theme?

Lucky for you, you found us!

We will give you not only some great tips on how to compose your dissertation but will also share a few research topic in economics ideas to get your creative cells working.

Below mentioned are a few tips for composing an economic research thesis
  • Use graphs, charts and tables to explain your point

Charts, graphs and tables make the data easier to understand and they also look attractive. Tables are graphs also provide easy comparative study between two variables. Make sure that you use these mediums wherever possible.

  • Use economic data wherever possible

If your data is backed with economic reference then authenticity of the data will increase.

  • Give proper reference of Federal economic journals and articles in your research

By giving proper reference of governmental and economic journals in your study, you will not only increase the significance of your data but will also make it a significant reference medium for future research studies to come.

  • Use objective views instead of subjective opinions

Since economic studies are all based on statistical and mathematical figures, it is important to make sure that your views in the report are objective and unbiased instead of being subjective. Using subjective views or biased opinions will diminish the validity of your report. Now that you know how to compose an economics research properly, let’s have a look at some of the sample research themes in the field of economics.

Research Topic in Economics Ideas

  • Relationship between inflation and economic growth
  • Relationship between rate of unemployment and economic growth
  • Relationship between stock returns and inflation
  • Relationship between bonds returns and inflation
  • Effect of micro financing initiatives on individual house hold
  • Factors to improve individual’s purchasing power
  • Effect of commercial bank loans on development of small and medium enterprises (SME) in a developing country
  • Impact of AIDS disease on development of African countries
  • Impact of technological tools on agricultural retail business
  • Effect of competitors of supply chain management of a product
  • Impact of changing labor markets on consumer purchasing power
  • Effect of the fiscal policy on social welfare in a developing country
  • Effect of international trade activities on economic development of a developing country
  • Importance of commercial banks in agriculture development of a county.
  • Effect of foreign trade activities on economic growth of a developing country

In a nutshell, economics is a field that has been popular for studies in consumer behavior, their buying decisions and the market trends but even after the vast number of studies that have been conducted in this field, there is still margin for more researches as the consumer decision making patterns constantly change with time.

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