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Research Topic How To

Research Topic – What Is It And How To Choose The Right One That Will Never Get Rejected By Your Teacher?

Are you a university freshman and often find yourself wondering ‘what is research topic or research paper?’

You know that you won’t be getting your university degree without submitting a proper research report so why not start looking for a good research topic from today?

But before we move on to how to find a good research paper topic, let’s have a look what it is?

What is a research topic?

A research topic is the focal point of your investigative study. It tells your readers what the research is about specifically. Research themes usually consists of the variables that you will be studying and their relationship are usually defined in the topic. For example, if we are studying how the pollution impacts the environment, then our research topic can be ‘effect of pollution on environment’

How to Come Up With A Research Topic On Your Own:

  1. Get inspiration from research projects that you have already conducted before

Take out all the projects that you have conducted before and list them down. Don’t worry that these projects were conducted at a smaller scale compared to the one you have to compose now. Select a theme that looks promising and refine it according to the scope of your research.

  1. Use your own interest as a source of inspiration

If you want your readers to be interested in what you have to write, then you have to be interested in it yourself first. If you are not interested in writing your study report, then your entire research process will prove to be a dire task. So use your interests as a source of inspiration. Take a piece of paper and list down your interests, all of them. Then select and refine one you think will be most suitable. You can visit your local library and have a look at the research material available there on your interests. For example, if you are interested in the social media, then you can use the same for your study theme by researching it in the library and over the internet.

  1. Take help from current issues and current affairs

The current affairs and the news is a great source for inspiration for researches. Watch the news vigilantly and see what events come up. Listen to the people’s opinions over the TV and browse the same over the internet. Take a look at the problems and issues that these events bring and how people are arguing over it. This will give you an idea over the direction of your study report. For example, take a look at the Tsunami. It brought forward issues of poverty, health and economic crisis.

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