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Research Statement

What Is A Research Statement? – Have You Created The Right Statement?

If you think that you can compose a research statement for your investigative report at the eleventh hour and ace it, then you are wrong.

A good study statement require careful thought and vigilant composition otherwise it risks being rejected.

But before we help you assure yourself if you have created the right one, let’s see what it is and what components it must cover?

What is research statement?

The research statementof the problem is the document that tries to hook the readers to the study report. It gives a complete overview of the investigative report and covers all aspects from the introduction and objective of the study to the tools and methods that were used for the investigative process. One main ingredient of this document is to also justify why the research took place in the first and what it plans to accomplish. The sign of a good problem statement is that it should answer all the potential queries of the reader and should be able to satisfy him on all research grounds.

The purpose of research statement

One key ingredient of the problem statement is the research statementof purpose. It is one of the most important sentences of the problem statement that explains in details the purpose or objective of the study or what it plans to accomplish. This sentence is important as it gives a central focus for the rest of the investigative processes involved in the research report.

In simple words, the purpose of a research statement is simple. It is to give a complete overview of the research and satisfy all the potential queries that the readers might have.

But composing it is not as simple as it sounds.

If you want to assure yourself that you have composed a good

investigative statement, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my investigative statement describe the core objectives or goals of my research?
  2. Does it give a complete overview of my research background?
  3. Does it give a complete overview of research skills?
  4. Have I given a complete description of the research tools, methods and data gathering techniques that I have adopted in the past and will in the future?
  5. Does it cover the importance of the investigative study for the target audience?
  6. Do my reasons justify the need for this study?
  7. Is it composed keeping the potential queries of my readers in mind?
  8. Is it structured to be clear, concise and free from jargons or subjective words?
  9. Is the research subject that I wish to pursue current and significant to the field of my interest?

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