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Research Statement Sample

Research Statement – Learn How to Compose Them Effectively With Research Statement Samples

Are you stressed because your research statement is due in a few days and you haven’t even started it yet?

Is last minute internet browsing not resulting in satisfactory results?

Don’t you wish there was somebody who could teach you with practical examples and samples how to compose a research statement?

You’re lucky you found us!

Not only will we tell you the important components of an effective research statement but we will also give research statement samples which will help you understand it better.

Main Components withResearch Statement Examples


This is where you give a brief overview of the themes of your research study. Here, you can mention your research interests and philosophies regarding the investigative research that you have conducted. You can also add the challenges that you have faced during the process and how you have overcome them.

Research statement sample

My research interest lies towards determining the factors involved in organizational performance. I want to study the relationship between the role of human resource in the profitability and growth of a company. There aren’t a lot of research studies that are conducted on this theme which raises my interest in the field and provides me with greater challenges regarding the availability of data and understanding of the respondents of the theme.

Previous Research

Here, you will give the research background of your previous investigative studies. You can mention here the reason why you chose the theme, the importance of your study for the target audience, your data gathering and analysis techniques and how you came up with the conclusion. You can also add the statistical tools and methodologies that you have used for your research and reasons why you chose them.

Example of research statement samples

For the research studies conducted in the past, I have tried to analyze factors that help encourage employee performance which are involved in gathering data from different organizations and determining effectiveness of employee performance. This was an important study theme to be conducted as organizations don’t pay as much attention to their human resource strategies as much as they should and this research has provided them with a new outlook.

Agenda for future research

This is the part where you will state your future goals or objectives for research. You can mention here why it is important to study the stated theme and how will the target audience benefit from it. It is important to have strong reasons here as they will help in convincing your readers for the need of this study and provides justifications for the same.

Sample research statement

To further develop my skills I would like to conduct studies related to this field in the future as it has many exciting and novel opportunities. My agenda is to develop a research model on which the organization growth and performance can be measured. The central factor for that model will be based on employee performance. To test the authenticity and validity of the model, research studies will have to be conducted which will prove to be significant for the field of human resource.

So there you have some of the important components of research statement with samples for effective learning.

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