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Research Question Design

Ask Good Research Question – Guidelines on Research Question and Objectives Design

Anyone can write research question and objectives, but the real art lies in the fact if your research question design can be a guiding factor for your entire investigative process or if it’s interesting enough to hold your readers attention.

Is your research question and objectives good enough? No?

So, what characteristics are involved in designing a research question?

Let’s find out!

There are three main characteristics

  1. The issue that you have wished to explore should be important:
    Make sure that the specific issue that you want to investigate through your research question is current and important. It should be important to you and your field of research. There is no point in putting in so much time and effort in an issue that is going to be obsolete by the time your research is complete or will not make any significant impact in your field of research. To test if your research question is significant or not, try and imagine how important your research will be five or ten years down the lane.
  2. The research question should be answerable:
    The research question that you compose should be answerable. The scope should be wide enough to be researchable but it should be narrow enough so that the research question can be properly answered within the defined timeline. Here, you also need to make sure that you have proper resources that will help you collect the data.
  3. The research question should be directly related to main problem:
    Make sure that your research question specifically reflects the problem mentioned in the theme of the study. If there is more than one question that you have composed, then make sure that they are related to each other and the central theme of the research which you wish to explore. You can check this by the fact that when you answer your research question, you should be indirectly answering the central aim of your topic.

How to come up with good idea for above mentioned objectives and questions::

  1. Ask yourself ‘what interests me?’
    Ask yourself ‘what do I want to know about the topic?’ Make sure that you compose a question that is of your interest. Rest assured that if it does not interest you, then it will not interest the
  2. Ask yourself ‘what do I want to find out through this research?’
    To compose good research objectives just answer these simple questions ‘what is the basic purpose behind this research?’ and ‘what do I want to find out through this research?’
  3. Rule out ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions:
    If your research question can be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, then you have not formulated it right. It is better if your questions start with ‘what is the impact’ or ‘how does (variable 1) determine (variable 2)?’ as these type of questions encourage observations, investigation for their results.

So, by following these steps, I’m sure you’d be able to compose effective study questions and their objectives.

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