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Research Proposal Presentations

What are the Rubrics for Evaluating the Oral Presentations of Research Proposals?

There are four levels of criteria for evaluating research proposals presentations

Level # 4: (Excellent, thoughtful, above and beyond minimal requirements)

  • Communicates effectively with interest and enthusiasm throughout the entire proposal
  • Illustrates a thorough understanding of the research proposal
  • Research is creative and proposal clearly defines variables; variables are the most relevant variables to examine
  • Information presented is scientifically accurate
  • The proposal meets all requirements (on time, scientific literature cited, creative and effective visual aids, total group involvement, etc.) in an exemplary manner.

Level # 3: (Above average, strong proposal but lacks the depth of excellent proposal)

  • Communicates effectively throughout most of the proposal
  • Illustrates an understanding of the research proposed.
  • Variables are well defined, not the most significant variables to investigate.
  • Most of the information presented is scientifically accurate.
  • The proposal meets all requirements effectively.

Level # 2: (Average, meets minimum requirements, lacks enthusiasm and creativity)

  1. Communicated with some difficulty to peers and Professors.
  2. A superficial understanding of their research.
  3. A research proposal has a few major flaws that interfere with the completion of the project.
  4. Variables need clarification, we’re not the most significant variables to investigate.
  5. Needs to improve the scientific accuracy of the information presented
  6. The proposal meets all requirements with minimum effectiveness.

Level 1: (Below average, little interest or effort demonstrated)

  • Does not communicate to peers and Professor
  • Research, as proposed, cannot be conducted
  • Variables are not defined
  • The proposal fails to meet all requirements

Level 0: (Unacceptable)

  • No attempt
  • No presentation
  • Demonstrates no linkage and no logical connections between the scientific question, the results, and the interpretation of the result

Therefore, grade yourself on any one of the four levels for research proposal presentations and see on which position you are at.

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