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Research Proposal Papers

Writing A Research Proposal Paper

That Is Accepted The Minute It’s Submitted

Writing a dissertation is difficult but, writing a research paper proposal is much more difficult than the actual project. Why? It is simply because you never know, if the supervisor will accept it or not!

As it is rightly said, the careful foot can walk anywhere. Hence, you need to be extra careful while writing a research proposal paper for you.

The core aspect of a research paper proposal is the topic and the research question. These two things lay the basic foundation of the whole dissertation process. You can easily get them by going through the topics related discussed on this page for your easy way to build a good research paper.

Other important aspects are the sections or elements that help in providing the complete lens to the supervisor to see through. Research paper proposals writing guide from the top! Look no further get the best ways to build your most difficult research proposals with our online help experts.

The topic orbit:

The orbit is the scope of the topic that lays a decisive foundation of the whole research paper proposal. Orbit means the complete background of the research area.

For example:

Aims to identify the human rights protection in the post-communist countries The distracting case of the Baltic States.

Why this topic?

  • The Baltic States were once ex-communist countries, which were re-established as-determined nation-states in 1991.
  • Baltics states are the proud members of United Nation and European Union but still faces human rights obligation.
  • Russians are always interested in sending out signals to the international big communities that minorities are facing many kinds of discriminations in Baltic States.

These reasons forced me to work on Baltic States human rights issues in my research paper.

Thesis statement:

The foundation of your research proposal paper is the thesis statements that will help a reader identify the main cause of your research. Make sure that it looks like a claim.

For example:

Human rights protection is the national and international responsibility and obligation of a democratic state.

The methodology:

Now that you have mentioned your thesis statement, it’s time to name the methodologies that you will be implementing in your research proposal doc to get the answer.

The limitations and risks:

You know there are many risks in a research projects and sometimes limitations that hinder your progress. There are possibilities as well that research gets too long. So here you will mention all these problems in clear.

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