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Research Proposal Introduction

The Essential Components of a Picture Perfect Research Proposal Apart from Introduction

What do you think, the components of a research proposal are?

Whether you agree or not, there are many vies regarding the components of a research proposal. Some belief it to be short while some long, some believe it must not have a rationale section while some take it as the most important thing.

The research proposal introduction
should be alluring enough to grab the reader’s attention until the end. There are other components as well but make sure you are extra focusing on the introduction.

A good research proposal will have the following components. Make sure you are logged in to our websites for more information in relation to this topic of discussion.

Literature Review:

I am not talking about William Shakespeare or William Wordsworth. Rather it includes the background of the topic under study or the published information or the previous similar work on the same theme. It is also good to provide a critical approach to the previous research works as well.


Which includes the hypothesis, the issues of the research and the importance of the results; the imitation (expected obstacles). These three things are extremely important for a research proposal and this is why they are called the rationale for a proposal.

Problem statement and a research question:

A problem statement is one of the most basic sections of a research proposal Introduction. In this section, the whole proposal depends, therefore, it needs to be complete, clear and concise. Make sure you are not using any word that works as a double-edged sword.


Here you write about the aims and goals of the research and what will you achieve generally and specifically.

The Methods and Design:

In this part of the proposal you briefly write about research design will be applied and how are you going to conduct the research i. e. the sampling for the study, the means to collect the data, plan of analysis … etc; and the time table for doing the study.

Anticipated Outcomes/Results:

Here you give a brief about the results and outcomes you expected out of the research.

Anticipated Application of Work:

Write about how the anticipated outcomes/results of your research will be applied or be of use to your organization/people.

Quality of the proposal:

The measures for a good quality proposal are:

  • Informative title.
  • Convincing abstract.
  • Clear research question.
  • Scientific background and rationale.
  • Good selection of research methods.
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Realistic budget and time table..

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