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Research Proposal Guidelines

Research Proposal Guideline That Will Put An end To All Your Worries

Your supervisor asked you to write the research proposal guide for the first time in your life & you don’t have a single clue yet!

Goggling for so many days, going mad with the deadline and now you are about to commit suicide.

Stop as the solution is near you.just follow the step by step research proposal writing guideline here in this article.


STEP # 1: Title

Of course, the title of the research proposal will be mentioned here on the first page of the proposal with other relevant information like date, subject etc. You can also check out our collective analysis studies data sheet which is available on our sources for your references and help.

STEP # 2: General aim of the investigation in this type of proposal outcome

You are about to conduct an investigation or research. It is obvious that there is a purpose of the study for such type of research proposals so here you are going to mention it in a clear and concise manner.

STEP # 3: Scope of the research

This clarifies the fact as if the research you are conducting is important or not. How will it contribute to society? Is it in any fruitful for the subject you are studying? Remember you are not dealing with something unethical or anything that is controversial to society. Make sure you go through these points to draw out your desired proposal outcome.

STEP # 4: Prominent prior research amongst the ones that have been done recently

Preceding researches are highlighted in this section for you to refer to for your required work, where essential findings are compared and contrasted with the research that is to be conducted in the latter part of the assignment or project that you need to submit.

STEP # 5: Research approach

The student’s approach to the topic is extremely important to identify the line of research work. Is it to be via survey techniques, interviews, re-examining existing data or how else? It may in a tentative form for it has to be elaborated in the upcoming research.

STEP # 6: Preparing a time budget:

Prepare a time budget and schedule. Students and the supervisors themselves believe in underestimating the time required to complete a single project, which is absolutely wrong. The reality is that there should be a complete plan prior to writing the actual research project.

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