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Finance Research Topics That Will Earn You Grades like Never Before!

Finance Research Topics

Research Topics in Finance

Finance seems to be the most interesting field but when it is about finance and its related fields of research regarding finance research topics, students are a bundle of nerves since they don’t know what their supervisors are expecting out of them.

I was once a supervisor, so I knew a bit about their nature and their feelings when things are circled about the word finance. Therefore, I feel an urgent urge in this respect to compile a list of related finance research topics that would be most helpful for research proposal on this relative field of finance, for those nervous students as I was once a student too and gone through the same situation.

Here are some of the  finance research topics examples  for you to check out!

Suggestions for research topics in finance:

  • Relationship between corporate image and mobile phone advertising in the field of finance.
  • Impact of Oil Price on the real GDP of Pakistan and its other financial sectors.
  • Macroeconomic variables and their effect on financial market in relation to the GDP on consumer market plans.
  • Impact of Cash Flow and Profitability on Dividend payout on yearly fixed deposits and assets in relation to consumer consumption level of commodities.
  • A study on the impact of in mall events and activities, which are enhancing the overall shopping experience of the customer’s purchasing power.
  • To study the level of satisfaction amongst the lower management staff for health benefits and other related benefits that the staff is entitled off as per the company’s standard policies registered by the local government.
  • A study of short message service (SMS) acceptance, to participate in television programs being evaluated.
  • Effects of Underwriters reputation over initial public offerings, based on their credibility and affordability as per the demanded by the international market marketing strategy plan.
  • Impact of Cash Flow and Profitability on Dividend payout on fixed and saving deposits of consumers.
  • Relationship between Debt Maturity and Tax Rate(s).
  • Prediction of corporate bankruptcy through financial ratios compared with other commercial banks.
  • Financing requirements in agricultural commodity businesses and its challenges.
  • Liquidity and Stock Return.
  • Ownership Structure and Firm Value.
  • Impact of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Performance calculated in the year.
  • The relationship between firm investment and financial status.
  • Determinants of Mutual Fund growth in Pakistan.
  • Impact of portfolio diversification on Banks’ Return.
  • Impact of energy crises over economic growth and GDP fluctuation.
  • Relationship between Government Expenditure and Government Revenues.

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  • Explanation of the methodology for collecting the data

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